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Trials of Osiris ultimately is Destiny 2’s pinnacle PvP Activity. Players compete for the most sought after Weapons and Armor in this high-octane gamemode. Here at GladiatorBoost, we offer Trials of Osiris Boosting services, pairing you with expert D2 pros to reap all of the rewards.

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Trials of Osiris Boost: Your Ultimate Guide


Trials of Osiris are the pinnacle of Destiny 2’s competitive gameplay, where players face one another in a 3v3 combat format. Winning here isn’t an easy feat, that’s why a large number of players opt for a Trials of Osiris boost. This guide will explore the world of Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris, the benefits of boosting services, and how GladiatorBoost, a reputable service provider with 5-star reviews, can help you conquer this challenging event.


Understanding Trials of Osiris


Trials of Osiris is a unique PvP event in Destiny 2, based on the Elimination game mode. It is a competitive 3v3 contest where teams battle for the ultimate prize: a trip to The Lighthouse. This coveted destination can only be unlocked by securing seven consecutive wins without a single loss, a feat known as a Flawless run.

These Trials are available only on weekends, from Friday to Tuesday. A significant element of the event is the Trials Flawless run, which demands not only skills but also a well-coordinated team. Winning here is a testament to your skill and dedication, making the Trials of Osiris boost a popular choice among Destiny 2 players.


The Rewards of Trials of Osiris


The rewards that await you at the end of Trials of Osiris are definitely worth the challenge. They range from special armor sets and weapons to Pinnacle rewards that can give your gameplay an extra edge. However, these rewards can be tough to claim without the right strategy and team. That’s where Trials of Osiris boosting services like GladiatorBoost come in.

With GladiatorBoost’s Trials of Osiris carry services, players can reap several benefits:

  • Guaranteed 7-0 completion of Trials of Osiris Flawless
  • Progress in Flawless Triumphs Seal
  • Opportunity to obtain unique Trials rewards like the Horus Shell Ghost, Hushed Syrinx Ship, or Falcon’s Chase Sparrow
  • Chance to earn Trials Engrams and Trials of Osiris armor set pieces
  • Pinnacle reward from the Lighthouse
  • Rare and Legendary Gear
  • All kinds of Trials of Osiris drops


GladiatorBoost: Your Partner for Trials Boost Destiny 2


GladiatorBoost is a highly reviewed service provider in the realm of Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris boost. They offer top-of-the-line services tailored to meet your Trials needs. Whether you need help with strategy, farming, or securing a win, GladiatorBoost’s professional team is ready to assist you.

With GladiatorBoost, you can choose from a variety of Trials of Osiris carry services:

  • Flawless Trials Runs: A guaranteed 7-0 flawless run for your weekly Pinnacle weapon and more.
  • Trials of Osiris Armor Set: Secure the full armor set from Trials.
  • Self-Play Trials: Play alongside GladiatorBoost’s pro players and learn from the best.
  • Flawless Trials Carries: Secure multiple flawless runs on the same character or different Guardians.


The GladiatorBoost Advantage


Choosing GladiatorBoost for your Destiny 2 Trials carry offers several advantages:

Expert Team:

GladiatorBoost employs a team of professional Destiny 2 players who can help you navigate the Trials challenges with ease.


GladiatorBoost ensures the security of your account and progression. They offer both Piloted and Self-Play modes for their Trials carries.

Fast Service:

GladiatorBoost provides quick, efficient service. Their team can start working on your Flawless Trials carry order within 1-2 hours after payment, delivering results in record time.

Customer Support:

GladiatorBoost offers 24/7 customer support to assist with any questions or concerns.


Requirements for Trials of Osiris Boost


Before availing GladiatorBoost’s Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris boost services, there are a few requirements:

  • You must own the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion.
  • Your Power Level should be 1802+ (without Artifact).
  • You must have completed the “Trials Access” Quest.



1. How much does a Trials of Osiris boost cost?

The final cost of your Trials boost depends on various factors. GladiatorBoost offers competitive pricing with a guarantee of top-quality service.

2. How do I get Trials of Osiris rewards in Destiny 2?

To get Trials rewards, you must win consecutive matches in the PvP event. GladiatorBoost’s Trials of Osiris carry can help you secure these rewards efficiently.

3. Can I get a Destiny 2 Trials carry service on different platforms?

Yes, GladiatorBoost provides Trials carry services across all platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

4. Can I go flawless multiple times on the same character?

Yes, as long as the event is active, you can continue to get your rewards by running Trials of Osiris flawlessly.

5. Are there any specific weapons or armor required for Trials carry?

No specific weapons or armor are required. However, you must have at least a Power Level of 1802 to participate in the event.

With GladiatorBoost’s Trials of Osiris carry services, you can conquer the toughest PvP challenge in Destiny 2, earn exclusive rewards, and enhance your overall gaming experience. Get in touch with GladiatorBoost today to start your Trials of Osiris journey!