Bad Juju Weapon Boost

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    Attention, Guardians! Your journey in Destiny 2 isn’t complete without the formidable Bad Juju Pulse Rifle. Making its legacy from Destiny 1 and re-envisioned in Destiny 2, Bad Juju promises unparalleled power and strategic gameplay. Here’s everything you need to know about this iconic weapon and how GladiatorBoost can seamlessly deliver it to your arsenal.

    Start Time: 25 Minutes

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Bad Juju Exotic Weapon!

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    Bad Juju’s Illustrious History

    Bad Juju isn’t just a name; it carries a rich heritage. Initially unveiled in Destiny 1, the weapon underwent a transformation in Destiny 2, aligning with the Moments of Triumph in 2019. The former path to ownership required players to honor 18 tributes at the Calus statue within the Tribute Hall. However, the dynamics have changed, and now the Exotic Gear Archive is your key.

    String of Curses: The Game Changer

    The prowess of Bad Juju lies in its unique perk, String of Curses. Each enemy defeated empowers the wielder:

    Instant weapon reloading;

    Accumulation of String of Curses stack, enhancing weapon damage and super energy refill;

    PvE damage boosts up to 100%, while PvP enjoys a 50% increase, at a 5-stack limit;

    It’s not just a weapon; it’s a strategy. Elevate your gameplay with the Bad Juju Pulse Rifle Boost today.

    GladiatorBoost’s Comprehensive Service Offering

    What’s in the Package?

    Opting for our service ensures:

    Guaranteed acquisition of the Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle;

    Monuments to Lost resources specific to the weapon;

    Potential enhancement prisms and exotic items;

    Boosted experience for your Season Pass and Artifact;

    All supplementary gear and resources obtained during the service.

    Embark on the Ultimate Destiny 2 Journey with GladiatorBoost

    The vast cosmos of Destiny 2 awaits your prowess, and with Bad Juju by your side, you’re poised for greatness. GladiatorBoost is committed to providing you with a top-notch, customer-centric experience. Let’s champion the stars together!

  • How to Buy Bad Juju Weapon Boost

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    Our pro-player assumes your character and kickstarts the order.

    Upon completion, you’ll be promptly informed.

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  • Key Requirements

    To facilitate a smooth boosting experience, ensure:

    Your Destiny 2 account is updated with the latest DLC;

    A minimum Light Level of 1550, especially for ascendant shard farming.


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