Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle Weapon Boost

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  • Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle Boost in Destiny 2 at GladiatorBoost

    The arsenal of Destiny 2 holds many unique weapons, each contributing to the variety of playstyles that Guardians can adopt in their battle against darkness. Among these stands the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle – a weapon that doesn’t just shoot, but melts.

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    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle Exotic Weapon!

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    The Power of Cold Fusion

    While most weapons in Destiny 2 offer short bursts of firepower, Coldheart takes a different route. Harnessing the might of cold fusion technology, it releases a continuous laser that only grows more potent the longer it remains on an opponent. Particularly effective against yellow bars, this trace rifle offers a reliable solution for Guardians aiming to deal substantial and sustained damage.

    Benefits of the Coldheart Weapon Boost

    What’s in the Package?

    Guaranteed Acquisition of Coldheart Trace Rifle: No more grueling grinds or leaving it up to chance.

    Experience Boost: Enhance your Season pass and Artifact levels as a part of the process.

    Extra Loot: Benefit from any additional gear and resources that drop during the completion.

    Coldheart: The Versatile Dominator

    Beyond its raw power in PvE scenarios like taking down intimidating bosses or Gambit matches, the Coldheart shows remarkable prowess in the PvP realm. A single, focused beam can annihilate Guardians in mere moments, provided the aim remains true. While other exotics might specialize in one combat scenario, Coldheart defies categories. Emblematic of the Trace Rifle archetype, it stands as a testament to versatility, able to adapt and excel in varied combat situations.

    Equip yourself with this jewel of cold fusion technology, and embrace a weapon that’s not just about firing, but about dominating the battleground. Secure your Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle with GladiatorBoost today.

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  • Requirements

    For Guardians eager to access this boost, it is imperative to have a Destiny 2 account with the latest DLC. This ensures a smooth process and a high probability of success.


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