Collective Obligation Weapon Boost

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  • Collective Obligation Weapon Boost: Unleash Void Power with Destiny 2’s Rare Gem

    In the sprawling universe of Destiny 2, certain weapons stand out not just for their power, but for their rarity and unique attributes. The Collective Obligation Exotic Pulse Rifle is one such weapon. Hailing from the challenging Witch Queen Raid, this firearm is a must-have for Void subclass enthusiasts playing in PvE scenarios.

    Start Time: 25 Minutes

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Collective Obligation Exotic Weapon!

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    A Glimpse into Collective Obligation

    The Collective Obligation isn’t just any Exotic Pulse Rifle. It’s a testament to precision, power, and rarity. Earning a place in the arsenals of the most dedicated Guardians, its scarcity is denoted by an extremely low drop rate from the very first Witch Queen Raid activity.

    What the Collective Obligation Boost Entails

    For those unable to secure this rare weapon, GladiatorBoost’s professional teams stand ready to assist. Opting for the boost ensures:

    Guaranteed acquisition of the Collective Obligation weapon.

    Weekly runs of the VoW of Disciple raid until the weapon is obtained.

    Collection of all items and resources encountered during the service.

    Experience boosts for both the Season Pass & Artifact.

    Demystifying the Drop Rate

    While Bungie remains tight-lipped about the official drop rate, community research provides some insights. Based on collective data, the estimated average drop rate of the Collective Obligation is a mere 1%! This figure, although not definitive, underscores the weapon’s rarity. It’s worth noting that as the game evolves, this drop rate might vary.

    The weapon is a prize that follows the challenging encounter with Rhulk, the Disciple of the Witness finale boss in the Vow of the Disciple raid. Solo Guardians, in particular, may find the weekly boss farming and fireteam searches daunting. This is where the Collective Obligation boost shines, saving time and reducing frustration.

    Why Opt for the D2 Collective Obligation Carry?

    Simply put, the D2 Collective Obligation carry service is about efficiency. It guarantees farming of the Rhulk encounter in VoD on a weekly basis until the elusive rifle is in your hands. With it, you’re not banking on chance but on assured completion. So, why wait? Dive into PvE or PvP battles wielding one of Season 16’s most formidable rifles and dominate your adversaries.

  • How to Buy Collective Obligation Weapon Boost

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    Communication: Our team will establish contact, typically through live chat or email.

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    Team Assignment: We pair you with experienced boosters tailored to your schedule.

    Constant Updates: We provide a dedicated Discord chat for direct communication and progress tracking.

    Completion: Once done, you’ll be informed, allowing you to jump in and experience the power of Collective Obligation firsthand.

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  • Requirements

    Before embarking on the journey to acquire Collective Obligation, there are some prerequisites to bear in mind:

    Ownership of the Witch Queen expansion or a later version.

    A Power level of 1530 or above.


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