Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon Weapon Boost

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  • Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon: Your Ultimate Weapon in Destiny 2

    For players looking to up their game in Destiny 2, GladiatorBoost presents a unique offering that combines power, versatility, and sustainability in one weapon: the Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon.

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    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon Weapon!

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    Introducing the Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon

    The Crimson stands out in the vast arsenal of Destiny 2 weapons. It’s not just any Hand Cannon; it’s an exceptional fusion of power and precision. Designed for PvP, the Crimson functions akin to a Pulse Rifle but under the Hand Cannon classification — each trigger releases a burst of three bullets, ensuring not just range but also formidable damage. This weapon can make Trials of Osiris a walk in the park, truly embodying the adage, “the best defense is a good offense.”

    However, this powerhouse of a weapon isn’t easily obtained. Its exclusivity lies in its random drop rate from select activities, making it a prized possession for those lucky enough to wield it.

    Features and Enhancements

    The Crimson is no ordinary Hand Cannon. It possesses the characteristics of the Graviton Lance with a 415 RPM in the Kinetic category. Its unique Exotic Trait, the “Cruel Remedy,” is a game-changer — each enemy you defeat heals you, and if you manage a Precision kill, your magazine refills instantly. Such attributes make the Crimson a life-saver in intense combat scenarios.

    For players aiming to maximize this weapon’s potential, GladiatorBoost provides the Catalyst Option. The Catalyst not only enhances the weapon but also fine-tunes its attributes:

    Obtain Catalyst: Improve your weapon’s performance by securing the catalyst.

    Catalyst + Masterwork: Beyond obtaining the catalyst, we’ll fulfill all the requirements to Masterwork the weapon, activating its ultimate buff.

    What Awaits You

    Upon choosing the Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon boost, you can expect:

    The coveted Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon itself.

    A boost in experience for both your Season pass and Artifact.

    Any additional gear and resources acquired during the completion process.

    In Conclusion

    Crimson is not just a weapon; it’s a statement. With its unparalleled range, damage, and unique triple-bullet feature, this Hand Cannon is designed for dominance. When in the right hands, it can metamorphose a player into an indomitable force — a true “vampire” on the battleground, constantly rejuvenated with each enemy taken down.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your game. Trust in GladiatorBoost and secure your Crimson today.

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  • Requirements

    1350+ Power Level.


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