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Diablo 4 Paragon Level Boost

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  • What is the Paragon Level system in Diablo 4?

    Unlocked at level 50, the paragon board is a brand-new system added into Diablo 4 which allows players to further customize their characters in unique ways. Progression is started at the centre of the board, and going outwards depending on which direction the player would like to take their character to. If you’d like streamlined assistance with the system, GladiatorBoost offer a Diablo 4 Paragon Level Boost service, allowing players to maximise their characters effortlessly.

    Start Time: 15-30 Minutes 

    What will I get?

    100% Guaranteed Ordered Paragon Level;

    All Gold and Loot Obtained along the way.

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    How does the Paragon system work in Diablo 4?

    First and foremost, after unlocking the paragon system at level 50, every character starts on their classes intro board with various different types of nodes. The Board Attachment Gate is also visible at the very end of the board, allowing players the ability to attach another board.

    Different types of Nodes and their effects

    These are all the different types of nodes usable onto Paragon Boards in Diablo 4:

    Normal Nodes: They provide +5 bonus stat to either Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, or Dexterity.

    Magic Nodes: Slightly less frequent to find, they provide a specific stat bonus exclusively.

    Rare Nodes: Around 10 rare nodes exist per paragon board, which grant empowering base effects, as well as bonus effects if a certain statistic cap is exceeded.

    Rare Node - Diablo 4 Paragon Level Boost

    Rare Node – Diablo 4 Paragon Level Boost

    Legendary Nodes: The most powerful node available, which players can base their entire build around. They also scale with statistics such as intelligence to provide awesome buffs.

    Glyph Sockets: Special nodes which a Paragon Glyph can be socketed into. This will either grant bonus statistics based on the nodes around it, or directly bolster the surrounding nodes. Sockets are completely re-usuable and glyphs can be unequipped without a cost.

    Board Attachment Gate: Connects two paragon boards together. Grants +5 to all stats being (Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, and Dexterity), and also the ability to choose and advance onto the next paragon board.

    Paragon Glyphs

    Different rarities of paragon glyphs work in the same format as nodes (Normal, Magic, Rare, Legendary). Completing Nightmare Dungeon’s allow players to upgrade their Paragon Glyph, which results in increased statistics or benefit of some sort depending on the glyph. XP can be dedicated towards a specific glyph, ranking it up and empowering its radiuses.

    Choosing a Paragon Board

    Each paragon board is class themed as well as prearranged, however a vast range of them are available. Each offer different builds and playstyles which a player can customize to suit the way they like to play Diablo 4. For example, some boards are built for maximising crowd control, whereas others are focused around AoE damage dealing.

    After a Board Attachment Gate is reached, players are granted the option to embark on a brand new Paragon board. After selecting it, players will be able to preview and rotate the board to their hearts content.

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