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    Unlocking the best gear in Destiny 2 demands dedication, time, and skill. One such valuable piece of equipment is the Exotic Cipher. By leveraging the Xenology questline, GladiatorBoost provides an efficient way to obtain this coveted item.

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    Your Ordered Exotic Cipher Weapon!

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    Xenology Quest: Your Gateway to the Exotic Cipher

    The Xenology carry is an alluring service tailored for those who wish to effortlessly sail through the exotic 2-step questline offered by the enigmatic vendor, Xur. The culmination of this quest presents players with the Exotic Cipher, a significant reward that paves the way to unlock powerful weapons from the Monument to Lost Light kiosk or to engage in trades with Xur for unparalleled exotics.

    Choosing the Xenology quest boost ensures players:

    Swift Completion: Avert the mundane grind of 21 activities, as GladiatorBoost ensures a rapid quest completion in just a few hours.

    Prime Rewards: Beyond the Exotic Cipher, players are endowed with legendary gear, ample glimmer, resources, and valuable experience for their season pass and artifact.

    Safety remains paramount, with GladiatorBoost ensuring 100% VPN use for piloted services.

    Prerequisites for Availing the Xenology Quest Boost:

    Possession of the Witch Queen DLC.

    A minimum power level of 1600.

    Understand that this boost is piloted.

    Embarking on the Xenology Quest

    To begin the Xenology quest, players must seek Xur, the elusive agent of the nine. He sporadically emerges at locations such as the Tower Hundar, EDZ, or Nessus. His appearances are restricted from Fridays at 1 pm EST to the subsequent Tuesday.

    Although players can accomplish the quest at their leisure post obtaining it, it is vital to submit it to Xur within the four-day window. A delay might result in missing out on the new quest the following Friday, leading to a week-long wait.

    The Significance of the Exotic Cipher

    An Exotic Cipher isn’t just another item in Destiny 2; it’s a passport to unrivaled power. Presently, Xur stands as the chief distributor of this item, occasionally joined by seasonal rewards.

    The Exotic Cipher can be utilized in three distinct ways:

    Unlock weapons from the Monument to Lost Light kiosk stationed in the tower.

    Engage in a trade with Xur for a random Exotic Engram, ensuring a fresh exotic weapon or armor piece.

    Opt for top-tier weapons like the Dead Man’s Tale and Hawkmoon with optimal rolls from Xur.

    For players intrigued by the potential of the Exotic Cipher and eager to experience GladiatorBoost’s exemplary service, our dedicated team remains accessible 24/7, ready to assist and answer any queries.

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  • Requirements for Availing the Xenology Quest Boost:

    Possession of the Witch Queen DLC.

    A minimum power level of 1600.

    Understand that this boost is piloted.


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