Eyasluna Weapon Boost

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  • Eyasluna Weapon Boost: Unleash the Power in Destiny 2

    Are you ready to dominate your enemies in Destiny 2? Then look no further than the Eyasluna weapon boost. With its legendary status and formidable abilities, the Eyasluna hand cannon is a force to be reckoned with. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the Eyasluna weapon boost, including how to buy it, the requirements, and the benefits it offers.

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    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Eyasluna Legendary Weapon!

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    In the vast universe of Destiny 2, having a powerful weapon can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The Eyasluna hand cannon is a legendary weapon that has made its return in Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Pack. It offers unparalleled firepower and versatility, making it a must-have for any Guardian seeking to dominate in both PvP and PvE activities.

    What is the Eyasluna Hand Cannon?

    The Eyasluna hand cannon is a legendary 140 Stasis hand cannon that originally appeared in the original Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. Known for its exceptional range and precision, the Eyasluna has become an iconic weapon in the Destiny universe. With its sleek design and deadly accuracy, it has earned a reputation as one of the most sought-after hand cannons in the game.

    How Does the Eyasluna Weapon Boost Work?

    The Eyasluna weapon boost is a service offered by professional players who specialize in Destiny 2 gameplay. When you purchase the boost, these skilled players will assist you in obtaining the Eyasluna hand cannon. They will complete the necessary activities, such as defeating the last boss in the relevant dungeon, to ensure you receive the weapon.

    Benefits of the Eyasluna Weapon Boost

    By opting for the Eyasluna weapon boost, you unlock a range of benefits that will enhance your Destiny 2 experience. Here are some of the advantages of choosing this boost:

    a. Obtain the Powerful Eyasluna Hand Cannon

    The primary benefit of the Eyasluna weapon boost is the acquisition of the legendary Eyasluna hand cannon itself. This powerful weapon boasts exceptional range, precision, and damage, making it a formidable tool against any enemy in the game. With the Eyasluna in your arsenal, you can confidently tackle challenging activities and emerge victorious.

    b. Complete Dungeon Activities

    In addition to obtaining the Eyasluna hand cannon, the boost includes the completion of dungeon activities. This means that you will receive not only the weapon but also various armor parts and other valuable items and resources that may drop during the farm. This comprehensive boost ensures that you make the most out of your gaming experience.

    c. Level Up Your Season Pass and Artifact

    As an added bonus, the Eyasluna weapon boost also provides experience points for your Season Pass and Artifact level. This means that you can progress faster and unlock additional rewards and abilities for your character. Leveling up your Season Pass and Artifact is crucial for staying competitive in Destiny 2, and the boost helps you achieve this more efficiently.


    The Eyasluna weapon boost is the key to unlocking the true potential of your Guardian in Destiny 2. With the legendary Eyasluna hand cannon in your hands, you will become a force to be reckoned with in both PvP and PvE activities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your gaming experience and dominate the world of Destiny 2. Visit GladiatorBoost today and embark on your journey to greatness!

  • How to Buy the Eyasluna Weapon Boost

    Purchasing the Eyasluna weapon boost is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps. Follow these steps to acquire the boost and unlock the power of the Eyasluna hand cannon:

    Step 1: Visit GladiatorBoost Website

    Navigate to the GladiatorBoost website and locate the Eyasluna weapon boost page. This page will contain all the information you need about the boost, including pricing and additional options.

    Step 2: Select Platform and Quantity

    Choose your gaming platform (PC, PS4, or Xbox) and the desired quantity of Eyasluna weapons. Depending on your preferences and gameplay style, you can select the number of weapons you want to acquire.

    Step 3: Choose Additional Options (If Desired)

    GladiatorBoost offers additional options to customize your Eyasluna weapon boost experience. These options include:

    “I don’t have the 1st Eyasluna”: Select this option if you don’t already have the 1st Eyasluna in your collection.

    “God Roll”: With this option, you can specify the desired perks for your Eyasluna hand cannon.

    “Express and Priority”: This option prioritizes your order and reduces the estimated time of completion by 30%.

    Choose the additional options that align with your preferences and playstyle.

    Step 4: Add to Cart and Proceed to Checkout

    Once you have selected your platform, quantity, and additional options, add the Eyasluna weapon boost to your cart. Review your order and proceed to the checkout page.

    Step 5: Provide Account Details

    During the checkout process, you will be prompted to provide your Destiny 2 account details. Ensure that you provide accurate and up-to-date information to avoid any delays or complications with the boost.

    Step 6: Complete the Purchase

    Complete the purchase by following the instructions provided on the checkout page. Make sure to review your order details and confirm the payment to finalize your Eyasluna weapon boost.

  • Requirements for the Eyasluna Weapon Boost

    Before purchasing the Eyasluna weapon boost, there are a few requirements you need to meet. These requirements ensure that the boost can be completed successfully and that you can fully enjoy the benefits it offers. Here are the requirements:

    a. 30th Anniversary Pack Ownership

    To participate in the Eyasluna weapon boost, you must own the 30th Anniversary Pack in Destiny 2. This pack includes various content and features, including the Eyasluna hand cannon. Make sure you have the necessary expansion before proceeding with the boost.

    b. Power Level 1310+

    A minimum Power Level of 1310 is required to undertake the Eyasluna weapon boost. This ensures that your character is adequately prepared for the challenges ahead. If your Power Level is below the required threshold, you can consider availing the Power Leveling service offered by GladiatorBoost to reach the necessary level.

    c. Steam Guard and Secret Question

    To ensure the security of your account during the boost, it is recommended to disconnect Steam Guard and disable the “always require authenticator for login” setting in your Security Settings. Additionally, enabling a secret question adds an extra layer of protection to your account during the boost.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it difficult to get the Eyasluna hand cannon?

    Obtaining the Eyasluna hand cannon can be a challenging endeavor. It can be obtained as a random drop or earned with a curated roll by defeating one of the bosses in the relevant dungeon. However, by opting for the Eyasluna weapon boost, you can bypass the tedious farming process and acquire the desired gun effortlessly.

    How good is the Eyasluna hand cannon in PvP?

    The Eyasluna hand cannon is a formidable weapon in PvP activities. Its Snapshot Sight and Kill Clip perks make it a lethal tool in the hands of skilled players. With its exceptional range and precision, the Eyasluna can turn you into a killing machine, dominating the battlefield and helping your team achieve victory.


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