One Thousand Voices Weapon Boost

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  • One Thousand Voices: The Ultimate PvE Weapon Boost in Destiny 2 at GladiatorBoost

    The Destiny 2 universe is replete with weapons, but few manage to stand out as distinctly as the One Thousand Voices. This exceptional Fusion Rifle not only packs a punch but also comes with a legacy that turns heads in every PvE scenario.

    Start Time: 25 Minutes

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Monte Carlo Exotic Weapon!

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    The Power of One Thousand Voices

    Every Guardian worth their Light knows the significance of having a weapon that can handle the game’s toughest adversaries. One Thousand Voices is that weapon. With the capability to deal a staggering 140k damage in a single shot, it has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the premier PvE weapons.

    The exotic perk, Ahamkara’s Eye, is the heart and soul of this weapon. When charged, it releases an unyielding continuous BEAM OF DEATH. For those concerned about specifics, the weapon deals Solar damage and boasts a charge time of 1000.

    How to Obtain this Coveted Weapon?

    Traditionally, the path to acquiring the One Thousand Voices involves navigating the intricacies of the Last Wish raid. This journey culminates in a showdown with Riven of a Thousand Voices. However, not every Guardian has the time or patience for such an intense grind.

    This is where GladiatorBoost’s offering shines. Instead of diving deep into endless farming cycles, you can entrust the task to our professional players who will relentlessly pursue Riven until you’ve secured the weapon in your arsenal.

    Here’s What the Package Includes:

    Guaranteed One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion Rifle.

    Multiple encounters with the Last Wish raid’s final boss, ensuring better loot prospects.

    The special loot drop from the Last Wish Last Boss raid.

    Additional gear, resources, and benefits accumulated during the boost.

    Enhanced experience for your artifact and season pass level.

    Optional Add-ons:

    Full Raid Farm: Opt for weekly raid completions to maximize your loot prospects.

    Stream: A unique opportunity to witness the entire boost process live.

    Why Choose the One Thousand Voices Boost?

    This isn’t just about acquiring another exotic weapon. With the introduction of the Particle Deconstruction item mod in the Season of the Lost, Fusion Rifles, especially One Thousand Voices, have become increasingly influential in gameplay. The mod enhances fusion and linear fusion damage over time, making this weapon an even more invaluable asset.

    In a game where every edge counts, One Thousand Voices isn’t just another weapon. It’s a statement, a testament to your prowess and commitment. With GladiatorBoost, you’re not just buying a boost; you’re securing a legacy. Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Join the elite ranks of Guardians wielding the power of One Thousand Voices today.

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    Completion: Once done, you’ll be informed, allowing you to jump in and experience the power of One Thousand Voices firsthand.

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  • Requirements

    1350+ Power Level.


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