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  • Sweet Business Weapon Boost for Destiny 2 at GladiatorBoost

    In the vast universe of Destiny 2, where Guardians seek power and dominance, there’s a weapon that stands out, not just because of its sheer firepower but also its unique characteristics. Enter the Sweet Business – an Exotic Auto Rifle that isn’t just a rifle, but a relentless machine gun for your kinetic slot.

    Start Time: 25 Minutes

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Sweet Business Exotic Weapon!

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    The Power of Sweet Business

    This isn’t just any ordinary gun. It boasts an incredibly large magazine and the unique ability to shoot with increased accuracy from the hip. One of its standout features is its ammo replenishment; every time you pick up kinetic ammo, it goes directly into the magazine. And for those who love continuous firepower, holding down the trigger spins it up, enhancing both its range and rate of fire. Unleash chaos on the battlefield and shoot with the ferocity of a madman!

    For Guardians who are on the hunt for a weapon that truly personifies power and efficiency, Sweet Business paired with the Actium Rig Exotic chest on a Titan can be an unstoppable combination. This pair ensures you can keep firing without worrying about reloading, giving you an edge in the heat of combat.

    GladiatorBoost’s Sweet Business Weapon Boost Service

    What’s on Offer:

    Sweet Business Guaranteed: No gimmicks. No fuss. You’re ensured the Sweet Business when you avail our boost.

    Experience Boost: Enhance your Season pass and Artifact levels.

    Bonus Drops: Benefit from all additional gear and resources acquired during the boosting process.

    Elevate Your Sweet Business: Catalyst with Masterwork

    To truly harness the potential of Sweet Business, consider adding the Catalyst with Masterwork. This enhancement elevates your weapon’s performance, making your shots truly explosive.

    Rest assured, with GladiatorBoost, you’re in good hands. Our professional players are committed to helping you obtain this exotic gem. Once you choose our service, we will assign a player most suitable for your needs, who will then complete the “Queen Beckons” quest for you. Throughout the process, you can track progress, ask questions, and stay in the loop with a dedicated chat directly with your player.

    Step into the world of Destiny 2 armed with the unrivaled power of Sweet Business, and let GladiatorBoost guide you there!

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    Getting in Touch: We’ll quickly reach out via live chat or email.

    Scheduling: We ensure flexibility. The start time is set based on your convenience.

    Team Assembly: We assign a team of experienced boosters tailored to your schedule.

    Stay Updated: A dedicated Discord chat will be set up for you to communicate with your manager and monitor the progress.

    Professional Play: An expert player will access your character and commence the order.

    Completion Notification: Once done, we’ll notify you to enjoy your new weapon!

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  • Requirements:

    A Destiny 2 account with the latest DLC.


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