Warmongering R1 Priest


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  • Character is on a new account ready for buyer. You dont need to purchase SL. Gametime expires: 30/11/21 Can also make it SL S2 Glad for an extra price!



    238ilvl, 252 pvp ilvl
    Tabards Tmogged: Prideful, Primal, Wild, Warmongering, Cruel, Ferocious, Fierce, Sinful
    Tabards Physical: Warmongering tabard, cloak in bank
    Elite sets in bag: S22 + legion s1+2+5+6+7 elites
    2100 RBG (can wear r14 vanilla rbg mog for priests)
    Enchants: Primal victory in bag, Green enchant tied to acc (can use on all chars.)
    Extras: AB + WSG tabards mogged, 9x vicious saddles, fearless cloak, ferocious cloak

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