WoW Leveling Boost!  Leveling in WoW is no doubt one of the fundamentals of the game. However, over the years, WoW Leveling has become a repetitive, boring and mundane task.

This is where GladiatorBoost’s leveling service steps in – Allowing you to power-level your characters at a great price! Waste no time & skip right to the endgame content you want to play.


Start ASAP!

Most leveling orders are started within 15mins-2hours, unless you wish for a specific time. We can arrange that!


Safe & Easy

For our piloted leveling services, we use premium VPN's, HWID tools & residential proxies, maximising safety as far as possible.


Great Price

Our Leveling boosts come at a fair & competitive price.


How to order

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    Browse our WoW Leveling Boost services

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    Chat with us & specify order details!

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    Place your order & pay!

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    Wait for the booster to finish your order.

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    Confirm order delivery and leave us a review!

Why is WoW Level Boosting so popular?

World of Warcraft Leveling boost services have been around since the early days of the game. The main driving factor towards leveling boost services is lack of time to level alts & repetitiveness. We’ve all felt that slight sigh when an alt is slacking further and further behind due to levels.. No more!

WoW Leveling Boost services are here for the average WoW player, helping a work-life balance as well as skipping the boring content in which you’ve played multiple times already. You can purchase a leveling boost and have it completed within 12 hours!

What are some advantages of WoW Level Boost?

Great question! Some advantages of WoW Level boost are:

Save an immense amount of time leveling up

Keep all raw gold & gear obtained throughout the level boost

Additional options such as Korthia unlock, maw etc

Both threads of fate & main campaign supported

TBC Level Boost from 1-70 at a great price

How does the leveling boost work?

You can buy WoW Leveling Boost in piloted mode. The process is actually very simple and easy.


Place a Leveling Boost order, we will confirm account details & start time of the level boost

You can track the progress of the WoW level boost through Discord in livetime

Request a stream of the Level boost if you wish for it

Enjoy the easy WoW level boost! Feel free to write us a review on Trustpilot.