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WoW Professions Boost

WoW Professions Boost was introduced to allow players an alternative to grinding out maximum skill levels repeatedly. Many profession systems remain confusing, frustrating or too grindy for players to strive for. Thankfully, GladiatorBoost’s team is here to maximise your profession in the shortest amount of time.

About our WoW Profession Boost Services

Professions in World of Warcraft have stood the test of time, being exceptionally important in the Dragonflight expansion. They allow players opportunities to make exceptionally large portions of in-game Gold, craft powerful items for themselves or friends, create consumables, flasks and potions for an entire raid team, as well as fun, unique items. Such as Nitro Rocket Boosts from the Engineering profession.

Here at GladiatorBoost, our team offers every WoW Profession to buy in-game. In addition to this, players can receive unique achievements for progressing each profession further. Its important to note that grinding to maximum profession level takes a significant amount of grinding, and cannot be skipped. Only full progression will reward a player with all the achievement points and rewards.

Our WoW Professions Boost can be split into several categories:

⭐ Gathering Professions

Gathering professions in WoW allow players to use the materials they find out in the world, and convert them into useful resources. The resources can be sold to other players through the auction house, stored in the players inventories or guild banks.

All the current gathering professions in WoW are:

Fishing – Players can find pools of water in the open-world, and catch rare fish, recipes, or even exclusive mounts.

Herbalism – Herbalism has always been one of the most useful professions in WoW. A large portion of professions rely on herbalists for the materials needed to craft high-level consumables.

Mining – Also an extremely important profession, which focuses on gathering ores from mineral veins around the world, and smelting them into metal bars. They are extremely important to blacksmiths and engineers, as well as a few other professions.

Skinning – Allows players to gather scales, hides and leather from a range of mobs in the open world. Not every mob can be skinned however, for example the majority of birds, despite them technically being beasts.

⭐ Crafting Professions

Crafting professions in WoW received a huge overhaul with the Dragonflight expansion. Crafters use the resources from gathering professions to convert them into extremely powerful end-game resources. These range from elixirs, potions, flasks to gear, weapons and mounts.

All the current crafting professions in WoW are:

Alchemy – a primary profession, which mixes herbs found by Herbalists and other materials, most frequently to create potions, elixirs, oils and flasks. These can restore large amounts of players health, bolster an entire raid groups damage, or even make players go invisible.

Enchanting – Enchanters use magical scrolls to grant permanent enhancements to armor, weapons and other items. Enchanters require unique enchanting ingredients, commonly gathered from disenchanting items.

Inscription – Allows players to create glyphs, scrolls and enchantments. It also includes a mini gathering skill named Milling, allowing players to create base materials from herbs, similar to enchanting’s disenchanting.

Leatherworking – Frequently paired with Skinning, this profession allows players to utilize the leather to create a variety of mail armor, cloaks, leather armor and armor sets. The armor created is predominately usable for Druids, Hunters, Shamans, Monks and Rogues.

Blacksmithing – Specializes in forging items out of ores, metals and other reagents. Blacksmiths predominately use metal bars smelted by miners, to create armor as well as powerful weapons.

Engineering – A primary profession, used to create a variety of unique, interesting and fun items. For example, Nitro Rocket Boosts which propels a players speed for a few seconds. However, this has a small chance to backfire, propelling the player far up into the sky.

Jewelcrafting – Players are able to create trinkets, necklaces, rings, as well as gems to put in socketed items. Due to this, jewelcrafters are extremely important and remain a great profession for players looking to make a large amount of Gold.

Tailoring – Predominately involves weaving, cutting and converting cloth pieces into bags, shirts and armor. Tailors are extremely useful due to their ability to create bags for entire guilds, or even to sell on the auction house for a decent profit.

Archaeology – A secondary profession, often referenced to as the “experimental” or “fun” profession, due to it not providing much relevancy in terms of group content. It grants players the ability to survey and dig areas, dropping artifact fragments, or even rare esteemed mounts.

FAQ About WoW Professions

Q: How many Professions are there in WoW?

A: In World of Warcraft, there is a total of 14 professions for players to choose from. This consists of 11 primary professions, and 3 secondary professions.

Q: Which profession is best in WoW?

A: This depends on the players goal. In terms of gold-making, mining and herbalism are great options, due to the usefulness of their resources by many crafters.

Q: What is the fastest way to level Professions in WoW?

A: The fastest way is to follow guides, however they usually require a substantial amount of gold. GladiatorBoost also offer WoW Professions Boost, allowing players to maximise their professions in the shortest amount of time.