Terms & Conditions

GladiatorBoost inform and warn that piloted services are considered risky, if you choose a piloted service it’ll be completed at your own risk.

We ask you to please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully and thoroughly. By purchasing our services you are accepting that you are aware of all the terms & conditions and content of this document. If you have any questions, concerns or disagreement with our proposed terms and do not wish to accept them, you are able to contact us at anytime to discuss them with us.

Its important that every customer of www.gladiatorboost.com agrees to our terms & conditions comprehensively before purchasing our services. Once a customer purchases, it becomes a legal agreement between GladiatorBoost and you. It means you fully understand & agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Site Policies
GladiatorBoost has the right to change any policy, site condition, prices & information at any time without prior notice or information about it. It is the customers responsibility to any changes made on the website. Through a customer purchasing a service through GladiatorBoost, they’re complying & agreeing with the statements above.

Our Services
All virtual services Gladiatorboost.com provide are for World of Warcraft, owned by the original licencors Blizzard Entertainment, Activision. GladiatorBoost is completely unaffiliated with the companies listed. GladiatorBoost makes no claims of ownership of the titles, GladiatorBoost sells services for customers.

When do we collect information?
We collect information from you when you register on our site, place an order or enter information on our site.

How do we use your information?
We use Order information that we collect to fulfill orders. Any orders placed through the site, including processing payment information, arranging delivery and providing you with confirmations. We also use this information to communicate with you, review our orders for potential fraud/risk assessment & provide you with information related to our services.
We use Device Information that we collect to help us determine advertising and market campaigns (your IP address), for website optimizations & fraud/risk assessment.

How is my information protected?
Our website is scanned frequently and actively for security holes & vulnerabilities in order to protect information and make your visit as safe as possible.
Your personal info is hidden behind multiple security walls & only accessible by a restricted & limited number of persons who have access & rights to the systems. Credit card/sensitive information is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
You may not reproduce anything from the website, including but not limited to; text, logos, backgrounds, graphics, button icons, images, downloads, audio or video, data compilations and clips. GladiatorBoost is a registered company in the United Kingdom. All rights reserved. You may not use anything from Gladiatorboost.com without written consent from Gladiatorboost.com. Any type of content on Gladiatorboost.com (accessed through www.gladiatorboost.com or sub domains) may contain certain licensed materials. All rights are acknowledged. All original licencors of such materials may reserve and protect their rights in the event of any violation of this agreement.

For service inquiries or disputes, you can contact us at info@gladiatorboost.com. Please read our terms & conditions and understand them before filing a dispute. Every case will be reviewed in depth and will include multiple factors including: Damages done, attorney, fees, potential sales lost & interest fees.

Refund Policy
We will refund 100% of money paid by a customer only if we fail to complete the service due to our fault or lengthy delays exceeding given ETA timeframes. The money will not be refunded if a customer: Doesn’t respect GladiatorBoost’s terms of service, fails to communicate at crucial moments & not meeting requirements of a service paid for however expecting us to provide it. We will never refund money if the service was completed, as well as disqualified, banned & suspended AFTER we have completed the service. World of Warcraft pilots are considered risky, and customers acknowledge that and agree to our terms amongst purchasing. GladiatorBoost’s responsibility ends after the service in which the customer has paid for has been completed. These terms apply to every service GladiatorBoost offers.

Selfplay Boosts – GladiatorBoost advises ratings between 0-1800 are very easy and achievable selfplay with a 100% guarantee. Ratings however 1800+ (1801-2400) may be a bit more tricky selfplay, however we offer multiple solutions. Option one is go for the rating selfplay. If it is a success, then great! The service is completed once the customer reaches their ordered rating. Option 2 – if it becomes increasingly hard to reach the rating, we can either swap the order to piloted or offer a partial refund based on the rating achieved with both parties considered. These terms apply to every selfplay service GladiatorBoost offers.

Accounts – We have offerings for WoW Retail accounts on our store. Due to the nature of accounts, no refunds will ever be allowed after a purchase of these products. Our warranty covers: Lifetime guarantee against recalls. We do not warranty for ANY other type of suspension/ban if occurred. 

Customers acknowledge that and agree to all our terms amongst purchasing.

Contact us
Any questions, inquiries, privacy practices or complaints, please contact us by email: info@gladiatorboost.com.