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WoW Titles

Titles offer huge customization opportunities for players in WoW. Understandably, the more prestige titles are locked behind difficult tasks, which some players may struggle with. Buying your dream Title Boost from GladiatorBoost ⚔️ offers you 100% guaranteed titles for your character.

About our WoW Title Boost Services

Titles in World of Warcraft are undoubtedly the highest symbol of a players uniqueness, skill and personality. Titles can be a mixture of things:

Expressing a players creativity (perhaps their WoW Title matches their Transmog perfectly);

A players extreme talent and skill (A Rank 1 Title in WoW for the previous Arena Season);

Or just for fun (A crazy cat lady Title or the infamous leeroy… Jenkins!)

In all seriousness, Titles are extremely important to players in WoW. Here at GladiatorBoost, our team offers every WoW Title Boost to buy in-game. Furthermore, players receive achievements in tandem with titles. Its worth noting that some achievements take longer than others to fully fulfil, with multiple stages. Only full criteria completion of the respective achievement with WoW Title reward unlocks it for your characters.

The majority of titles in World of Warcraft are now account-wide, however specific high ranking or class specific achievements are unique to single characters. For example, becoming top 0.1% in the Solo Shuffle Ladder rewards a coveted title usable only on the character which earnt it. However a WoW title earnt from completing 3000 quests is usable across all characters on a players game account.

Our WoW Title Boost’s can be split into several categories:

🔥 PvP Titles

These types of titles involve players participating in unranked or ranked PvP, with the uniqueness of the title scaling higher with the level of skill and difficulty attained to it. The combatant title for example, rewarded at 1400 rating is much easier to obtain than the 1800 Rival Title. This is why boosting services have been enabled for WoW Titles, allowing every player to attain their dream title.

Other rare PvP Titles include:

Gladiator Title;

Khan Title;

Rank 1 Titles (Unique to each Arena Season).

Almost every PvP activity in WoW rewards coveted titles for the most dedicated, skilled and mastered players in the game, bolstering their ability and capability to show off to all other players. The best thing about these titles is that they’re usually in competition to achieve with other players, such as a limited number of spots. Other players recognise these titles and respect the proficiency of the player behind it.

🔥 PvE Titles

PvE Titles in WoW come from a range of events and in-game activities. Almost every player has accidentally completed an achievement, rewarding a cool title not knowing it ever even existed. This is due to the large volume of Titles obtainable in WoW. The common, easy to obtain titles aren’t as scarce, contrary to the titles locked behind lengthy PvE Grinds, chains or farming. The most common activities the WoW community follows to obtain PvE Titles are:

  1. Quest completion
  2. Exploration of the world, its locations, and its hidden treasures;
  3. Dungeon and raid passage under certain conditions;
  4. Receiving specific professional accomplishments;
  5. Scenario walkthrough for attaining a certain level of reputation;
  6. Participating in global events;
  7. Pet Battle Wins;
  8. A Title obtained by gaining the covenants’ trust;
  9. Acquiring collectibles.

The majority of titles are already for sale on GladiatorBoost, ready to spruce up a players WoW Title collection.

🔥WoW Raid Titles

Raid titles are usually only available when the raid is the current content. This means that raid titles become some of the rarest titles in WoW. Especially titles from many expansions and raid seasons ago – they have become the most prestigious and coveted titles to exist for players to hone.

Two of the rarest raid titles in WoW include The Immortal & The Celestial Defender. These titles were only obtainable to players in WotLK. Under 2% of the entire player-base has them.

🔥WoW Reputation Titles

Reputations in WoW also reward coveted titles for players to achieve. Usually, a player must grind the reputation through completing quests for the faction, dungeons, or even just killing mobs. The process is much more mundane, and the majority of players miss out on the fashionable titles reputations in WoW have to offer. Three scarce reputation titles that under 35% of the player-base hone for themselves are:

“Conservationist” Title – Exalted with Steamwheedle Preservation Society;

“the Beloved” Title – Earning Exalted with 60 reputations;

“Talon Queen” – Completing the Terokk’s Legacy storyline and earning Exalted status with the Arakkoa Outcasts.

FAQ About WoW Titles

Q: How many Titles are there in World of Warcraft?
A. There are 468 titles in WoW, however many are unobtainable.

Q: What is the rarest title in WoW?

A. Scarab Lord to date remains the most scarce title to exist in World of Warcraft.

Q: How do I get more WoW Titles?

A. WoW Titles can be earnt through almost every activity in-game. From Heroic & Mythic Raids, Questing, Dungeons, PvP to exploration. GladiatorBoost offer a Boosting Service for every title, if you get stuck with one.