Amalgamation Chamber

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  • Amalgamation Chamber Boost Service is for killing the 2nd Boss in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Raid in WoW. The content became available after the release of patch 10.1 (Embers of Neltharion). The unique boss encounter includes 3 elite mobs; Eternal Blaze, Essence of Shadow and Shadowflame Amalgamatio. The challenging encounter is available for all characters level 70, with no requirements on skill level, gear or coordination.

    Molgoth Boss fight Guide: Strategy & Abilities

    Molgoth Encounter is an element themed boss, consisting of both Fire & Shadow (Eternal Blaze & Essence of Shadow). The two elements assemble into a powerful Shadowflame Amalgamation creature later in the fight. Bloodlust & Timewarp abilities should be saved for this burst phase, with damage dealers looking to maximise their damage rotation here. Tank players need to beware for debuffs applied to them and rotate accordingly, as all 3 bosses will apply them.

    Molgoth Important Abilities:

    Eternal Blaze: Casts the ability “Fiery Meteor” – Raid members need to split.

    Coalescing Void: Raid members need to distance away from the center, or be inflicted with a large amount of damage.

    Blistering Twilight Debuff: Must be detonated away from other raid members to avoid extra damage.

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    Level 70 Character.


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