Assault of the Zaqali

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  • Assault of the Zaqali hones the powerful leader Warlord Kagni as the main encounter. Players can buy Assault of the Zaqali Warlord Kagni Boost service for World of Warcraft Dragonfight to obtain strong weapons, gear, trinkets and other resources. Warlord Kagni resides in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible as the 4th boss in the raid instance. The boost is available for Normal, Heroic & Mythic difficulties.

    Assault of the Zaqali Abilities & Boss Guide:

    Warlord Kagni is the leader of the Zaqali Invasion. Players are missioned the task to stop them from advancing further into the Crucible.

    During the boss fight, Wallclimber mobs spawn, attempting to destroy the sealed door. The Wallclimbers use an ability called “Battering Slam” on the door, inflicting both damage to the door & players, under “Barrier Backfire” Damage.

    The NPC named Ignara also provides support from the sky using “Flaring Firestorm” and “Vigorous Gale” abilities.

    Vigorous Gale: Inflicts damage and knock-backs all players, as well as applies a DoT for 3 seconds.

    Flaring Firestorm: AoE Ability, inflicting damage to all players within a 5 yard radius of the ability.

    Warlord Kagni summons 2 out of 3 possible enemies to assist during the encounter.

    Obsidian Guards: “Volcanic Shield” Spell, blocking incoming attacks and erupts 6 seconds later.

    Flamebound Huntsman: “Phoenix Rush” & “Blazing Spear” – Both AoE spells which players must avoid.

    Magma Mystic: Attacks with fire magic, as well as moving around with “Lava Flow” ability.

    The majority of Warlord Kagni’s tactics are tanking only. DPS’s will want to look out for “Inflaming Presence” buffs nearby, for a 10% damage increase. Tanks must be aware of the abilities “Molten Swing” (Increasing physical damage taken by the tank) and “Heavy Cudge” (AoE attack). “Devastating Sunder” also is a frontal cleave attack, which causes Cave Rubble to fall down.

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