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  • Blacksmithing Profession has become increasingly important with the introduction of Dragonflight expansion to World of Warcraft. This is because levelling Blacksmithing grants players opportunities to increase their Mythic ilvl Raid Gear, or gain mass amounts of Gold through crafting orders completion. Another profitable option for Blacksmiths in WoW is selling unused gear on the Auction House.

    Start Time: 1-3 Hours

    What will I get?

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    Is Blacksmithing good in WoW Dragonflight?

    Thankfully, Blacksmithing is simply one of the best profession choices in WoW Dragonflight, due to specializations in different Plate Armors & Weapons. Furthermore, max level crafted gear has opportunity to be on par with Mythic gear, bolstering the fact that many players will be require a blacksmith’s services in WoW. In addition, many other professions feed off of resources from Blacksmithing, making blacksmithing the ultimate profit profession in WoW Dragonflight.

    Due to the new re-forging system, blacksmith’s can expect more returning customers from fresh alt characters, or new players. This is because players are now inclined to craft the best item possible to them, and further upgrading it at a later date. With our WoW Blacksmithing Boost service, you can get your slice of the pie and start grinding exciting amounts of in-game gold from this awesome profession. Simply text GladiatorBoost via live-chat if you need any further support or questions.


    Level 70 Character.


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