Diablo 4 Sacred Items Boost

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  • What are Sacred Items in Diablo 4?

    Sacred items are unique pieces of gear with potent effects that can have a significant impact on your build. An ordinary legendary armor piece might have five stat-boosting effects, whereas a sacred item might have seven. Sacred items typically have a higher sell value and a higher item power than their Legendary counterparts.

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    Start Time: 15-30 Minutes 

    What will I get?

    Desired amount of Sacred Items;

    All Loot, XP and materials earnt during boosting.

    Why Choose GladiatorBoost?

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    How to get Sacred Items in Diablo 4?

    Obtaining sacred items is strictly through participating in Helltide events. These events drop a currency named Cinders, in which can be utilized by players to open helltide chests, spawned all over the map. Players need to spend the cinders during the active helltide event, or they will expire.

    Furthermore, if you die during the helltide event, you will loose up to 50% of the cinders which you have in your inventory. This is why buying Sacred Items through GladiatorBoost is popular, as our expert boosters can obtain your desired amount without having to worry about wipes.

  • To buy your Sacred Items, specify your desired amount of Sacred Items. Once this has been confirmed, and we have received the relevant preliminary information from you, we can get in touch to schedule your boost.

    Additional Options Explained

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