Echo of Neltharion

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  • Echo of Neltharion is the 8th boss available in Boosting Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible in World of Warcraft. The boss, initially released with patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion drops Shoulder Tier pieces, Weapons, armor and strong trinkets. The ilvl rewards scale all the way up to 450 ilvl.

    Echo of Neltharion Guide, Abilities & Phases:

    Neltharion originated as the Aspect of Earth, later transforming into Deathwing. His powers we’re funnelled into creating a laboratory deep under the surface, where his visage now remains in the Crucible.

    Neltharion has 3 Phases.

    Phase 1: The Earth Warder:

    The phase starts with “Echoing Fissure” ability, damaging all players relative to their distance to the caster. The fissures stack, creating a larger amount of spells being casted.

    Mobs named Twisting Earth divide rooms with a rock wall. Players at the wall are struck by “Twisted Eruption”, which divides the room as well as dealing AoE damage to nearby players. The second ability “Rushing Shadows” attacks random players with knock-back. Players should try to hit Eruption, as it shatters with the AoE. Finally, “Calamitous Strike” for tanks only, knocks them back and has a shatter effect.

    Phase 2 & 3: Corruption Takes Hold & Reality Fractures:

    Phase 2 and 3 majorly consists of AoE shadow damage as well as mobs. Neltharion corrupts raid members for 30 seconds, preventing them from stacking.

    Sunder Shadow Strike: Ability aimed at tanks, kicks them away from their bodies. Tanks will need to run back to them as fast as possible.

    Shattered Reality: Spawns “Twisted Aberrations” – Dealing huge AoE damage in a 150 yard radius.

    Ebon Destruction: Deadly spell cast, players will need to hide from it in portals created from the previous ability.

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    Level 70 Character.


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