Genshin Crimson Agates Collecting Boost

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  • Genshin Crimson Agates Collecting: An Ultimate Guide

    In the world of Genshin Impact, the art of collecting Crimson Agates is an integral part of the gameplay. The following guide provides comprehensive information about Genshin Crimson Agates and how to boost the collection process.

    Start Time: 5-20 Minutes

    CompletionCompletion Time: 6-10 Hours

    What will I get?

    Complete Dragonspine Crimson Agates collection for Frostbearing Tree;

    Unlock character ascension materials, Mora, and rare weapons;

    Efficient completion of Crimson Wishes for additional rewards.

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    What Are Crimson Agates?

    Crimson Agates are unique crystals found in the Dragonspine region of Genshin Impact. These crystals are used to level up the Frostbearing Tree, which in turn rewards players with various items and bonuses.

    Importance of Crimson Agates

    Crimson Agates play a significant role in enhancing a player’s gaming experience. By leveling up the Frostbearing Tree, players can unlock character ascension materials, Mora, and even rare weapons. Thus, Genshin Crimson Agates collecting is an essential activity for players.

    Locating Crimson Agates

    There are 80 Crimson Agates scattered across Dragonspine. Finding these can be a tricky task as they are often hidden or located in hard-to-reach places.

    Crimson Agates 1-10

    The first set of Crimson Agates is spread across different locations in Dragonspine. Some are hidden in wind barriers or floating above ponds, while others are found on cliff ledges or under Ancient Rime.

    Crimson Agates 11-20

    The next set of Crimson Agates is located near the Statue of the Seven and other locations like cliff outcrops, trees, and caves in the Skyfrost Nail region.

    Crimson Agates 21-30

    For the third set, players will need to shatter ice platforms, climb hilichurl buildings, and even solve a hidden gate puzzle to find the Crimson Agates.

    Crimson Wish Guide

    Once the Frostbearing Tree reaches level 8, players unlock the Crimson Wishes, an additional source of Crimson Agates. These wishes reset every Monday and Friday, providing five new Crimson Agates each time.

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Overall rating 5 out of 5 alt 880+ reviews