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  • Genshin Enkanomiya Full Completion Boost: Your Ultimate Guide

    Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in Genshin Impact’s Enkanomiya? This expansive new region, introduced in Version 2.4, offers a plethora of quests, puzzles, and treasures waiting to be discovered. However, achieving full completion in Enkanomiya can be a daunting task, requiring time, effort, and expertise. That’s where GladiatorBoost comes in to save the day! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about our Enkanomiya Full Completion Boost service, including requirements, how to buy, and why GladiatorBoost is your go-to destination for all your gaming needs.

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    CompletionCompletion Time: 2-4 Hours

    What will I get?

    Complete Enkanomiya exploration, unlocking all secrets and treasures;

    Masterful resolution of complex puzzles and challenging quests;

    Access to exclusive rewards and hidden areas in Enkanomiya.

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    Introduction to Enkanomiya

    Enkanomiya, nestled within the breathtaking Watatsumi Island in the Inazuma region, is a captivating addition to the world of Genshin Impact. This mystical area was released in Version 2.4 and offers players a rich and immersive gameplay experience. From its stunning landscapes to its intriguing quests, Enkanomiya promises hours of thrilling exploration and discovery.

    Unlocking Enkanomiya

    Before you can set foot in Enkanomiya, you must meet certain requirements. To unlock this wondrous region, you need to reach Adventure Rank 30+ and complete Chapter 2: Act 3. Additionally, you must complete “The Moon-Bathed Deep” and “The Still-Water’s Flow” quests. Once you’ve fulfilled these prerequisites, Enkanomiya will be yours to explore.

    Reveal the Full Map

    To reveal the initial map for Enkanomiya, you must examine an Inscribed Map. This crucial item can be obtained during the “From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku” quest and “The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent.” By acquiring and examining the Inscribed Map, you will unlock the first glimpse of Enkanomiya’s expansive territory.

    Unlocking All Waypoints

    Even after revealing the Enkanomiya map, you’ll notice that there are still three missing islands. These islands remain inaccessible until you embark on the “Erebos’ Secret” quest series. By following the full walkthrough in our Enkanomiya Waypoint Guide, you’ll be able to activate these missing islands’ waypoints and unveil their hidden secrets.

    Enkanomiya’s Location

    Enkanomiya is located in Watatsumi Island, a captivating region within Inazuma. To access Enkanomiya, head to the glowing pool of water near Sangonomiya. This mysterious pool serves as the gateway to the enchanting realm of Enkanomiya. For a detailed map of Inazuma and its various regions, check out our Inazuma Map Guide.

    Enkanomiya Treasure Chests

    Treasure chests are scattered throughout Enkanomiya, tempting adventurers with their valuable rewards. While treasure chests do not respawn in Genshin Impact, new chests may appear as your World Level or Adventure Rank increases, or after a Version Update. For an interactive treasure chest map and a guide on maximizing your loot, refer to our Treasure Chest Guide.

    Quest Guides

    Enkanomiya boasts a wide array of quests, both part of quest series and one-time quests. The main quest series in Enkanomiya includes “From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku” and “Erebos’ Secret.” These series are comprised of multiple quests, each unraveling a different aspect of Enkanomiya’s captivating storyline. Explore our comprehensive quest guides to navigate through Enkanomiya’s quests seamlessly.

    Puzzle Solutions

    Enkanomiya is teeming with intriguing puzzles and challenges that require wit and skill to overcome. From uncovering secret rooms to solving ancient riddles, our guides will provide you with step-by-step solutions to conquer Enkanomiya’s most perplexing puzzles. Whether it’s Akashi’s Archery or Kabayama’s Sitting Spots, our puzzle guides have got you covered.

    Notable Features in Enkanomiya

    Enkanomiya is brimming with unique features and mechanics that add depth to the gameplay experience. Whitenight and Evernight is Enkanomiya’s day-night cycle, allowing players to switch between the two states manually. Key Sigils are essential for unlocking seals scattered around Enkanomiya, while schools of Ghostfish offer additional lift during gliding. Dive into our guides to uncover the secrets of Enkanomiya’s Whitenight & Evernight, Key Sigils, Ghostfish, and more.

    Enemies and Wildlife

    Prepare to face a multitude of formidable enemies and encounter fascinating wildlife in Enkanomiya. From the Primordial Bathysmal Vishap to the Cryo Specter, Enkanomiya’s enemies pose a challenge that only the most skilled adventurers can overcome. Explore our in-depth guides to learn more about Enkanomiya’s enemies and gain the upper hand in battle.

    Story and Lore

    Enkanomiya is steeped in rich lore and captivating stories. According to Watatsumi Island’s lore, the residents of Watatsumi Island were originally trapped in Enkanomiya. Learn more about the origins of Enkanomiya and its connection to Watatsumi Island in our lore explained section. Immerse yourself in the world of Genshin Impact as you uncover the secrets of Enkanomiya.

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