Genshin Fortress of Meropide Full Completion Boost

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  • Unraveling the Genshin Fortress of Meropide: The Ultimate Full Completion Guide

    Embark on an immersive adventure with this comprehensive guide on achieving Genshin Fortress of Meropide Full Completion Boost. This guide will cover all the aspects of the fortress, from its intricate location details, unlocking mechanisms to the various quests and lore surrounding it. So, get ready to conquer the fortress like never before!

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    What will I get?

    Complete mastery of Genshin’s Fortress of Meropide challenges;

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    Genshin Impact has made a significant mark in the world of gaming with its fascinating characters, lore, and quests. One of its intriguing aspects is the Fortress of Meropide. It’s an underwater prison situated in the Liffey Region of Fontaine, where transgressors face their banishment. The fortress is not just a place of confinement, but it also serves as a hub for the production of Fontaine’s Clockwork Mekas. This guide will walk you through all the intricate details required for attaining the Genshin Fortress of Meropide Full Completion Boost.

    How to Unlock the Fortress of Meropide


    Elevator Usage in Chapter 4, Act 3

    Access to the Fortress of Meropide is granted through a lift positioned behind the Opera Epiclese during the Chapter 4: Act 3 Archon Quest.

    Captured by the Tower’s Searchlight

    Another way inside is by entering the Searchlight’s Detection Range underwater in the Liffey Region. If you linger in the Searchlight too long, the guards will apprehend you and escort you into the fortress.

    Entry via the Underwater Pipe

    Near the southern underwater waypoint in the Liffey Region, an underwater opening leads to the Fortress of Meropide. Simply enter the large pipe and get caught by an official to gain entry into the fortress.

    Fortress of Meropide Location


    Situated in the Liffey Region

    The Fortress of Meropide is found within the Liffey Region of Fontaine. Access to this underground location requires diving underwater.

    Entwined with 4.1 Archon Quest

    The fortress plays a vital role in the Fontaine Story Quest, especially in the 3rd or 4th Acts, as revealed during the 4.1 Livestream.

    Map and Areas of Fortress of Meropide

    The fortress comprises six levels, each corresponding to a distinct area within the fortress. Despite its labyrinthine structure, the fortress has only four waypoints, one of which is concealed.

    Various Levels of Fortress of Meropide

    Reception Area
    Dormitory Block
    Administrative Area
    Production Zone Upper Level
    Production Zone Lower Level
    Abandoned Production Zone

    Each level is associated with different challenges and opportunities, offering a unique experience for players.

    Puzzles within the Fortress of Meropide


    Energy Transfer Terminals

    The fortress is home to several Energy Transfer Terminals and Cipher Codes to challenge your puzzle-solving skills.

    Drive Valve and Drivetrains

    The Drive Valve mechanism in the Abandoned Production Zone is another puzzle to solve within the fortress. It plays a significant role during the Unfinished Comedy Quest Line.

    Quests Associated with Fortress of Meropide


    Archon Quests in the Fortress of Meropide

    Fontaine Chapter 4 Archon Quests include Act 3: To the Stars Shining in the Depths and Act 4: Cataclysm’s Quickening.

    World Quests in the Fortress of Meropide

    World Quests include the Unfinished Comedy Quest Chain with quests like Game of the Rich, An Eye for an Eye, and more.

    Lore Surrounding the Fortress of Meropide


    Governance by the Duke, Wriothesley

    The prison’s administrator and warden is none other than Wriothesley. His rule has brought about reforms that have fostered communities and culture among the convicts.

    Life and Work of the Exiles

    The fortress not only serves as a prison, but it also provides a growing community for exiled criminals. They work through labor to earn supplies and facilitate busy work while imprisoned.


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