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    Region Information

    Welcome to the land of Sumeru, the fourth region in Teyvat for Genshin Impact. Sumeru is known as the land of Dendro, where the Dendro Archon and the God of Wisdom, Lesser Lord Kusanali, are revered. This region is widely recognized as the hub of education in Teyvat, home to the prestigious Sumeru Akademiya. Get ready to explore its lush rainforests and vast deserts as you unravel the secrets of this captivating land.

    Sumeru Release Date

    Sumeru was introduced to Genshin Impact in Version 3.0, which was released on August 24, 2022. With the release of Version 3.0, players were granted access to Sumeru’s Rainforest region, while the Desert area was added in subsequent updates, including Version 3.1, Version 3.4, and Version 3.6.

    How to Unlock Sumeru

    To unlock Sumeru and embark on your journey through this captivating region, you need to enter the pathway from the Chasm. Teleport to the waypoint in Cinnabar Cliff and make your way through the tunnel until you reach the end. There, you will be greeted by the breathtaking landscapes of Sumeru, ready to be explored.

    Location & Maps

    Sumeru is located to the west or southwest of Liyue, and it can be accessed by traversing The Chasm’s surface. As you venture deeper into Sumeru, you will encounter the Rainforest area, which was introduced in Version 3.0. The Desert area, on the other hand, was added in subsequent updates, including Version 3.1, Version 3.4, and Version 3.6. Prepare yourself for a diverse and immersive experience as you explore the different regions within Sumeru.

    Sumeru Location Guides

    As you navigate through Sumeru, you may come across various locations and areas that hold hidden treasures and secrets. Here are some guides to help you uncover the wonders of Sumeru:

    Dendroculus: Shrine of Depths
    Hidden Waypoints: Remarkable Chests

    For more detailed information on specific areas within Sumeru, check out our Sumeru Map Guides, which provide insights into the Rainforest and Desert areas, as well as locations such as The Great Red Sand, Desert of Hadramaveth, and Girdle of the Sands.


    Sumeru is home to several domains where you can acquire valuable materials, artifacts, and complete challenging puzzles. Here are some of the domains you’ll encounter in Sumeru:

    Material and Artifact Domains

    Tower of Abject Pride
    Steeple of Ignorance
    Spire of Solitary Enlightenment
    City of Gold
    Molten Iron Fortress
    Joururi Workshop
    The Realm of Beginnings

    Sumeru One-Time Puzzle Domains

    Under the Umbrella’s Shade
    The Dark Valley
    Fragment of Childhood Dreams
    The Coordinates of Sun and Rain
    Altar of Mirages
    Red Desert Threshold
    Garden of Endless Pillars
    City of the Deceased
    Fane of Panjvahe
    Purification Spring
    Somalata Inland Sea

    Regional Features

    Sumeru boasts several unique features that make it stand out among Teyvat’s regions. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features:

    The Tree of Dreams

    Similar to Inazuma’s Sacred Sakura Tree, Sumeru has its own mystical Tree of Dreams. By offering Dendro Sigils to the Tree of Dreams, you can raise its level and unlock various rewards. Explore the region and gather Dendro Sigils to enhance your gaming experience!

    Amrita Pool

    Introduced in Version 3.6, the Amrita Pool is another reward system in Sumeru. Collect Plumes of Purifying Light scattered throughout the new desert area to raise the level of the Amrita Pool. As the level increases, you’ll receive exciting rewards that will aid you on your journey.

    Withering Zones

    Sumeru is not without its challenges. The Withering is a phenomenon that spreads desolation and decay throughout the region. To cleanse the Withering Zones, you must destroy the tumors that are causing the corrosion. Prepare yourself for battles and strategic gameplay as you rid the land of this destructive force.


    While exploring Sumeru, keep an eye out for the Dendrogranum spirits. These spirits can be found on branches throughout the region, similar to Electrogranum in Inazuma. Interacting with the Dendrogranum can unlock hidden secrets and provide valuable assistance on your journey.

    Tri-Lakshana Creatures

    Sumeru is teeming with unique creatures and plants that can be activated by Dendro, Electro, or Pyro. These activations can have various effects, such as reviving scorched objects, energizing effects, or scorching objects. Experiment with different elemental combinations to unlock their full potential.

    Four-Leaf Sigils and Clusterleaves of Cultivation

    Keep an eye out for Four-Leaf Sigils and Clusterleaves of Cultivation. Latching onto a Four-Leaf Sigil can transport you to different locations, making it easier to traverse wide gaps or mountains. Clusterleaves of Cultivation release Four-Leaf Sigils when affected by Dendro, offering you opportunities for exploration and discovery.

    Seed Mirrors

    Seed Mirrors are valuable tools that can help you locate nascent Withering Zones and Aranara. By applying Electro to a Seed Mirror, you can uncover hidden black smoke representing Withering Zones or find Aranara, a valuable resource in Sumeru.

    Gaining Clearance in the Ruins

    As you explore the Ruins of King Deshret, you may encounter clearances that prevent you from progressing further. These clearances can be overcome by passing specific clearance levels. The methods to increase clearance levels are not officially known yet, so stay tuned for updates and keep honing your skills.

    Primal Obelisks

    Discover the power of Primal Obelisks by finding Sacred Seals scattered throughout the ruins. Interacting with these monuments can unlock hidden mechanisms and reveal long-lost secrets. Embrace the mysteries of the Primal Obelisks and uncover their true potential.

    Replicator Keystones

    With the Replicator Keystones, you can create Ruin Devices using Forged Primal Lights. These devices materialize objects, revealing hidden treasures and paths. Experiment with the Replicator Keystones and manipulate the environment to your advantage.

    Primal Embers and Primal Torches

    Primal Embers and Primal Torches play a crucial role in the Ruins of King Deshret. By interacting with Primal Torches using the Primal Embers scattered throughout the ruins, you can activate mechanisms, illuminate hidden paths, and discover new areas.

    Plinth of the Secret Rites

    The Plinth of the Secret Rites is a control mechanism that deactivates roadblocks in your path. Look for a small monument with a floating ancient tablet and interact with it to unlock new areas and progress further in your journey.

    Verity Cells

    Verity Cells are triangular mechanisms that have the power to reveal hidden or obscured objects. Unlock their true potential by interacting with them and uncover the secrets that lie beneath.

    Puzzles and Guides

    Sumeru is filled with challenging puzzles and guides that will test your wits and problem-solving skills. Here are some of the puzzles you’ll encounter in Sumeru:

    All Sumeru Puzzles

    Mysterious Clipboard
    Aranara Locations
    Stone Pillar Seals
    Strange Energy Extraction Device
    Eremite Camp Locations
    Floating Dendro Puzzle
    Arrow Rune Puzzle
    Vanarana Luxurious Chest
    Underwater Waypoint
    Nurseries in the Wild
    Strange Parchment
    Broken Dendro Monuments
    Drusus’s Bulletin Board Riddle
    Lost Energy Blocks
    Desert Mirages
    Night Murals
    Invisible Walls
    How to Increase Clearance
    Primal Obelisks
    Sacred Seal Locations
    Replicator Keystones
    Forged Primal Lights
    Primal Embers and Torches
    Primal Beam Transmissions
    Plinth of the Secret Rites
    Verity Cells

    All Quests in Sumeru

    Embark on thrilling quests in Sumeru and unravel captivating stories. Here are the different types of quests you’ll encounter in Sumeru:

    Archon Quests in Sumeru

    Ch. 3: Act I
    Ch. 3: Act II
    Ch. 3: Act III
    Ch. 3: Act IV
    Ch. 3: Act V
    Interlude: Act 3
    Ch. 3: Act VI

    Story Quests in Sumeru

    Tighnari Quest
    Cyno Quest
    Nilou Quest
    Nahida Act 1 Quest
    Alhaitham Quest
    Dehya Quest
    Nahida Act 2 Quest

    Hangout Events in Sumeru

    Faruzan Hangout
    Layla Hangout

    World Quests in Sumeru

    Sumeru is filled with captivating world quests that will immerse you in its rich lore. Some notable world quest chains in Sumeru include:

    Aranyaka Quest Series
    Golden Slumber Quest Chain
    The Exile Quest Chain
    Hadramaveth Quest Chain
    Girdle of the Sands Quest Chain

    Items and Weapons

    As you explore Sumeru, you’ll come across various items and weapons that will aid you on your journey. Discover new artifacts, powerful weapons, and valuable materials in Sumeru’s domains and hidden chests. Collect these items to enhance your characters’ abilities and strengthen your arsenal.


    Sumeru introduces a host of new characters, each with their own unique abilities and stories. Interact with these captivating characters and embark on quests that delve deeper into their backgrounds. Uncover their secrets and unlock their full potential as you build a formidable team to conquer Sumeru’s challenges.


    In Sumeru, you’ll encounter a variety of challenging enemies that will test your combat skills. From formidable bosses to hordes of monsters, be prepared to face thrilling battles as you explore the region. Learn their weaknesses, devise effective strategies, and emerge victorious in your quest for full completion.

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