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  • Honkai Character Leveling Boost: A Comprehensive Guide

    Do you want to power up in the Honkai universe? Are you looking for ways to level up your characters efficiently? If yes, this page is for you. This piece will delve deep into the world of Honkai Character Leveling, providing you with intricate details and effective strategies to give your gaming journey a boost.

    Start Time: 20-35 Minutes

    CompletionCompletion Time: Variable Based on desired Level. We always complete as fast as possible

    What will I get?

    Rapid advancement to desired character levels;

    Enhanced character abilities and battle readiness;

    Access to higher-level missions and rewards.

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    What is Honkai Character Leveling?

    Honkai Character Leveling is a fundamental aspect of the game. It involves improving the abilities and skills of your characters to progress effectively in the game. Leveling up your characters can be achieved through various methods such as completing missions, battling enemies, or using specific materials.

    Necessity of Honkai Character Leveling Boost

    Enhancing your characters is crucial for your success in Honkai. The higher the level of your characters, the more potent they become. They can withstand difficult battles, execute powerful attacks, and make your gaming experience more rewarding.

    The Process of Honkai Character Leveling

    Honkai character leveling involves several steps and requirements, such as:

    Character Details Menu

    In the character details menu, you can select a character and choose to level up. This action will prompt you to use Character EXP Materials like Traveler’s Guide, Adventure Log, or Travel Encounters to enhance your character.

    Ascension Materials

    As your character reaches higher levels (20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70), you’ll need to use Ascension Materials for further advancement. These materials are obtained by completing specific tasks or trials.

    Equilibrium Level

    Equilibrium level is another important feature in character leveling. It needs to be increased at different stages to continue the leveling process. The requirements to boost equilibrium levels vary, and they include reaching certain trailblaze levels and completing different parts of the Trial of the Equilibrium.

    How to Obtain Ascension Materials

    Ascension materials can be obtained from multiple sources such as assignments, world shops, embers exchange, and simulated universe. These materials are essential for character ascension and can be collected over time or by completing specific tasks.


    The Omni-Synthesizer is an excellent tool for obtaining higher rarity materials. It allows you to use lower rarity materials to produce advanced ones.


    Assignments can yield a plethora of materials over time and can be performed daily without the need for grinding.

    World Shops

    World Shops are another source of materials. They use World Currency acquired from missions and treasure chests.

    Embers Exchange

    Embers Exchange is a unique platform that uses currency obtained after collecting 3-Star Light Cones from Warps. This method is especially recommended for spenders.

    Simulated Universe

    The Simulated Universe is a source of enemy drops. While it doesn’t require any cost, clearing a world in Simulated Universe can be time-consuming.

    Overworld Enemies

    Overworld enemies also drop materials without any cost involved. However, this method is only suggested to maximize material grinding.

    Enemy Drops

    Several materials can be collected as enemy drops. These materials are crucial in the ascension of characters. Some of the enemy drops include Ancient Engine, Silvermane Medal, Squirming Core, etc.

    Stagnant Shadow Bosses

    Starting from level 40, ascending characters require item drops from Stagnant Shadow Bosses. These bosses are unlocked after reaching Equilibrium Level 2. Some of the Stagnant Shadow Drops include Netherworld Token, Ascendant Debris, Suppressing Edict, etc.

    Trailblazer Ascension Material

    The Trailblazer’s Ascension Materials can be obtained from Trailblaze Missions and Trailblaze Rewards by communicating with Pom-Pom.

    Star Characters Ascension Levels

    Star characters have their own ascension levels and materials. For every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Ascensions of characters, you’ll receive a free Star Rail Pass that you can use to roll in Warps.


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