WoW Inscription Boost

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  • Inscription is a unique crafting profession in WoW, granting players the ability to create trinkets, cosmetic scrolls, runes, as well as a vast range of useful items. A lot of players choose WoW Inscription Boost due to its gold-making capabilities. This is due to the new crafting orders system, as well as the three new specializations:

    Rune Mastery – Become a master of inscription skills, allowing you to improve the quality of your crafts, as well as at a lesser material requirement;

    Archiving – Improving the trinkets you can craft, as well as archiving texts from the Dragon Isles;

    Runebinding – Unlocking powerful runes and new equipment.

    Start Time: 1-3 Hours

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Inscription Levels;

    Range of Achievements;

    Achievements and Free Live-Stream!

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    What is inscription in WoW?

    Inscription is extremely complex in WoW Dragonflight. It offers an extremely wide range of craft-able goodies, such as: Darkmoon Cards, magic weapons, sigils, contracts, runes, trinkets, glyphs, missives, profession equipment, items for your Dragonriding Mount – The list goes on. However at the beginning, what you’ll be crafting greatly depends on your choice of inscription specialisation.

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    Level 70 Character.


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