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  • Jewelcrafting was introduced to World of Warcraft in the Burning Crusade expansion. This highly profitable profession is extremely important, due to its ability to craft gems for socketed items, as well as rings, necklaces and trinkets. The profession can also be used to obtain rare and epic gem stones from ores.

    In Dragonflight, Jewelcrafting also allows players to choose from four specialization options:

    Jeweler’s Toolset Mastery – improve your overall jewelcrafting skill;

    Faceting – improves the quality of your crafts, as well as assistance discovering new designs;

    Setting – allows you to create powerful jewelry, trinkets, and detailed statues;

    Enterprising – Grants access to exclusive profession gear, and assisting the initial steps into the profession.

    Start Time: 1-3 Hours

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Jewelcrafting Levels;

    Range of Achievements;

    Achievements and Free Live-Stream!

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    How good is Jewelcrafting in WoW?

    Jewelcrafting is in an extremely strong position in WoW Dragonflight, even compared to other crafting professions. This is due to the fact that gems are always in high demand, granting jewelcrafters a high work-load and gold making potential, paired with the auction house. Furthermore, the introduction of Jewelcrafting specializations has given the profession a breath of fresh air.

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    Level 70 Character.


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