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  • Justicar Title in World of Warcraft is a renown Battleground feat, bolstering a players PvP Mastery and Skill. To obtain it, players must reach Exalted with three reputations: Stormpike Guard, Silverwing Sentinels and The League of Arathor.

    Justicar Title Guide WoW:

    Players must reach exalted with 3 Battleground Reputations:

    Stormpike Guard: Alterac Valley;

    Silverwing Sentinels: Warsong Gulch;

    The League of Arathor: Arathi Basin.

    Participation alone in the respective battleground does reward reputation, however the bulk is rewarded for achieving victory or extra feats. For example, capturing the flag in Warsong Gulch earns the player an additional 35 reputation points. Undoubtedly, grinding these reputations to exalted is long-winded, most times requiring a competent team beside you to stomp the enemies consistently.

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