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  • Magmorax Boost Service is the 7th boss in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Raid. All level 70 characters are able to purchase the boost, which was initially available with patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion. Normal, Heroic & Mythic difficulty is available, with rewards scaling from 407 to 447 ilvl.

    Magmorax Boss Abilities & Guide:

    Magmorax is a beast, residing within the deep passage of the Crucible. Similar to the previous boss, Magmorax has 0 phases, and works on a 100 energy bar. Once 100 energy is reached, he casts “Catastrophic Eruption” dealing damage every 2 seconds, in pair with applying a debuff, increasing its effect by 50% (stacking).

    Magmorax important Abilities: 

    Blazing Breath: Deals damage to players in front of the boss.

    Igniting Roar: Damages all enemies with the roar, and applies a debuff DoT.

    Molten Spittle: A random player gets a debuff. They need to be dispelled outside of the raid group, as it leaves a soakable Magma Puddle. If Magmorax is in the puddle, he casts AoE damage, as well as regenerating 5% health per second.

    Incinerating Maws: Important for tanks only, applies a stacking debuff which increases the effect by 50% for 30 seconds. Requires tanks to swap.

    Buying a Magmorax Boost service entitles players to exclusive achievements and possible loot-drops in the shortest amount of time. Players desire Helm tier pieces from the boss, as well as weapons and armor. GladiatorBoost offers players a swift defeat and chance for players to obtain these items without having to spend hours reading up on guides, forming pug groups and wiping on the boss. Click and book your carry.


    Level 70 Character.


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