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  • Mining was introduced to World of Warcraft with the initial release of the game, back in the original expansion. It is often referenced to as a complimentary profession to Blacksmithing, engineering and jewelcrafting, due to the fact that these professions rely heavily on ore, and ore formed materials. The profession can also be extremely profitable because of the mass utilization by other professions.

    Also, in Dragonflight, miners can choose three specializations:

    Mining process – Grants bonus material rewards, increases gathering speed and higher chances to obtain rarer materials;

    Metallurgy – Specialists in Tyrivite or Draconium, paired with the ability to refine ores into higher quality ones;

    Mastering the elements – Causes an overload, being an extra elemental effect varying from node to node.

    Start Time: 1-3 Hours

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Mining Levels;

    Range of Achievements;

    Achievements and Free Live-Stream!

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    How to Mine in WoW?

    The process of mining in WoW is actually surprisingly simple. Firstly, you’ll need to ensure you’re equipped with a pickaxe, as well as the necessary skill points to mine the node you’re after. Secondly, you’ll need to go out into the world and find a node. Equip your pickaxe, right-click the node and mine it. Lastly, collect the materials in your bag, and you’re done! You can now list your materials on the auction house, or use it to create further powerful crafts, or simply to level up your mining skill.

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    Level 70 Character.


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