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Omega Savage Raid Boost

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  • Omega Savage Raid Boost: Conquer the Toughest Challenges in FFXIV

    Are you ready to tackle the most formidable content in Final Fantasy XIV? Look no further than our Omega Savage Raid Boost service. As experts in FFXIV, we understand the challenges and time commitment that come with conquering the Omega raids. Let us handle the heavy lifting for you, so you can reap the rewards of the Savage Gear and experience the thrill of completing these epic encounters.

    Start Time: 1-24 Hours

    CompletionCompletion Time: 1 – 24 hours on average, no longer than 48H

    What will I get?

    Omega Savage Raid Full Clear;

    Mounts and Full Loot!

    Have any questions? Contact us on Discord: @GladiatorBoost – Or open a LiveChat with us. Our support will always do its best to help you with any queries.

    Unleash the Power of Savage Gear

    Savage Gear is the pinnacle of equipment in Final Fantasy XIV, offering unparalleled power and prestige. By purchasing our Omega Savage Raid Boost service, you gain access to this coveted gear, ensuring that your character is equipped to take on any challenge that comes your way. The Savage Gear is not only incredibly powerful but also visually stunning, showcasing the exceptional design of the Omega raids.

    The Omega Raids: Deltascape, Sigmascape, and Alphascape

    The Omega raids, part of the Stormblood expansion, are divided into three chapters: Deltascape, Sigmascape, and Alphascape. Each chapter consists of four encounters, offering unique challenges and breathtaking boss battles. Our Omega Savage Raid Boost service covers all sections of the raids, allowing you to choose which chapters you want to conquer or even opt for a full clear of the entire Omega Raid.

    Omega: Deltascape Savage

    In Omega: Deltascape, you will face off against the first four bosses (O1-O4) on Savage difficulty. Our skilled players will pilot your character through these encounters, ensuring a smooth and successful run. As a reward, you will receive all loot from the desired section, including the prestigious [Alte Roite] mount.

    Omega: Sigmascape Savage

    The Omega: Sigmascape encounters (O5-O8) present a new set of challenges in Savage difficulty. With our Omega Savage Raid Boost service, you can conquer these bosses with ease. Alongside the valuable loot, you will also obtain the impressive [Air Force] mount as a testament to your triumph.

    Omega: Alphascape Savage

    Prepare for the ultimate test of skill and determination in Omega: Alphascape Savage. This chapter (O9-O12) features some of the most challenging encounters in the game. Our expert players will guide your character through these battles, securing victory and granting you the coveted [Model O] mount, along with other Omega Gear rewards.

    Our Services and Rewards

    To ensure that you get exactly what you need, we offer a variety of options within our Omega Savage Raid Boost service. Whether you’re looking to clear specific sections or complete the entire raid, our skilled boosters are ready to assist you.

    Omega: Deltascape Savage Boost

    With this option, we will guide your character through the Omega: Deltascape encounters on Savage difficulty (O1-O4). Not only will you receive all loot from this section, including powerful Genji Gear, but you will also obtain the majestic Alte Roite mount and the adorable Wind-Up Exdeath minion.

    Omega: Sigmascape Savage Boost

    If you’re aiming to conquer the Omega: Sigmascape encounters on Savage difficulty (O5-O8), our boosters will be by your side. You will be rewarded with Diamond Gear, the Air Force mount, and the mischievous Wind-up Kefka minion, along with all loot from the Sigmascape section.

    Omega: Alphascape Savage Boost

    For those seeking the ultimate challenge, our Omega: Alphascape Savage Boost is the perfect choice. We will guide your character through the Alphascape encounters on Savage difficulty (O9-O12), granting you the prestigious Omega Gear, the Model O mount, and the adorable OMG minion, in addition to all loot from this section.

    Full Omega Savage Raid Clear

    If you’re ready to conquer the entirety of the Omega Raid, our Full Clear option is ideal for you. Our skilled boosters will guide your character through all twelve encounters (O1-O12) on Savage difficulty, ensuring a seamless and efficient run. As a reward, you will receive all loot from the raid, including the Alte Roite, Air Force, and Model O mounts, along with the various minions and gear.

    How It Works

    Getting started with our Omega Savage Raid Boost service is simple and hassle-free. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the process works:

    Consultation: Prior to the service, we will have a live chat or email conversation to discuss all the details and requirements.

    Booster Selection: We will assign a skilled booster to your account based on their availability and expertise, ensuring the best match for your needs.

    Communication: To keep you informed and involved in the process, we will set up a Discord conversation between you and the booster. This allows you to communicate directly, ask questions, and stay updated on the progress.

    Booster Takeover: When the time comes, the booster will take control of your character and lead it through the specified raid on the hardest setting. Rest assured that your character is in capable hands.

    Optional Stream: If you choose the stream monitoring option, we will stream the boost privately upon your request, allowing you to witness the progress firsthand.

    Completion Notification: Once the boost is finished, we will notify you promptly, so you can enjoy the fruits of your character’s success.

    Rate Our Services: After completing the Omega Savage Raid Boost, we kindly ask for your feedback by leaving a Trustpilot rating. Your reviews help us improve our services and assist other players in making informed decisions.

    Begin Your Journey with GladiatorBoost

    Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Omega Savage Raid Boost service. Let our skilled players guide your character through the most challenging encounters in Final Fantasy XIV, securing victory and acquiring the prestigious Savage Gear. With our seamless process and exceptional customer service, you can trust GladiatorBoost to deliver the results you desire. Take the leap and conquer the Omega raids today!

  • To buy your Omega Savage Raid Boost, click on your desired difficulty. Once this has been confirmed, and we have received the relevant preliminary information from you, we can get in touch to schedule your boost.

    Additional Options and Stream Monitoring

    In addition to our primary services, we offer a couple of additional options to enhance your Omega Savage Raid Boost experience:

    Unlock Savage

    If you haven’t yet unlocked the Savage difficulty for the Omega Raid, our boosters can complete the raid on normal difficulty to grant you access. This option ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in the challenging content and reap the rewards of Savage Gear.

    Stream Monitoring

    For those who want to closely monitor the progress of their Omega Savage Raid Boost, we offer stream monitoring. We can set up a personal stream for you to observe the boost in real-time, allowing you to witness every victory and triumph.

  • PC license – FFXIV Online Complete Edition;

    You need to have at least one job at level 70+ to complete FF14 Omega;

    You need to have Omega raid completed in Normal difficulty;

    Your Character should be geared in at least 320 ilvl;

    For each turn in raid you need to have previous ones completed.


Overall rating 5 out of 5 alt 750+ reviews