Rashok, the Elder

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  • Rashok, the Elder Boost service is for defeating the 5th boss in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Raid in World of Warcraft. The boss was officially released with patch 10.1, Dragonflight Season 2.

    The boss is available on LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties, with scaling rewards from Weapons, tier pieces, tokens and unique trinkets.

    Rashok, the Elder Boss Guide & Abilities

    Rashok is part of the Zaquali, being one of the leaders captured in the Crucible for thousands of years. He now seeks revenge for his suffering.

    Players must beware of Rashok’s Energy bar mechanic. If it reaches 100, he casts the spell “Ancient Fury” dealing damage to all players every 3 seconds. It can be drained with conduits, however “Volatile Explosion” and “Radiating Heat” abilities will further damage the raid every 1.5 seconds. Also, “Unyielding Rage” effect triggers once Rashok’s energy is fully drained. It deals a small amount of damage to players, and gains 100% added effect buff onto the next cast.

    Rashok AOE Abilities:

    Charged Smash, Raging Stomp & Searing Slam – Massive AoE spells which players need to avoid. Shadowlava Blast also is a front cleave, hitting those infront of the boss. Healers must act quickly if players are struck by these spells.

    Tanks must beware for these two abilities:

    Flaming Upsurge;

    Earthen Crush.

    These abilities apply a debuff on a tank which increases his next hit by 500% for 40 seconds. Both tanks need to rotate on this debuff to avoid wiping the raid.

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    Level 70 Character.


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