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Resistance Ranks Boost

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  • Resistance Ranks Boost: Unlock Rare Rewards Faster

    Are you ready to take your adventure in the Bozjan Southern Front to the next level? If you’ve unlocked this exciting zone in Final Fantasy XIV, then you have the opportunity to increase your Resistance Rank and unlock rare rewards. However, the path to reaching the desired Resistance Rank can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s where the Resistance Ranks Boost service comes in.

    Start Time: 1-2 Hours

    What will I get?

    Get your Desired Resistance Rank;

    Lost Actions & Mettle Farm!

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    What is Resistance Rank?

    Resistance Rank is a special system available to players who have unlocked the Bozjan Southern Front. As you complete unique missions and activities in this zone, your rank will increase. With each rank gained, you’ll unlock rare rewards that can enhance your gameplay experience. However, climbing the ranks can be a daunting task, requiring a significant investment of time and effort.

    The Benefits of Resistance Ranks Boost

    With the Resistance Ranks Boost service, you can accelerate your progress and reach your desired Resistance Rank in no time. This service offers several benefits to make your journey in the Bozjan Southern Front more efficient and enjoyable:

    Desired Resistance Rank Reached: The boosters will work tirelessly to help you achieve your desired Resistance Rank. Whether you’re aiming for Rank 1 or Rank 25, they will provide the necessary support to get you there.

    Obtain Several Lost Actions: Lost Actions are powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle. By using the Resistance Ranks Boost service, you’ll also have the opportunity to obtain several of these valuable Lost Actions, giving you an edge in combat.

    Farmed Mettle Currency: Mettle is the currency used in the Bozjan Southern Front. It allows you to purchase various items, including gear and enhancements for your character. With the Resistance Ranks Boost service, you can have a significant amount of Mettle farmed, helping you acquire the items you need faster.

    Unlock Bozjan Clusters: Bozjan Clusters are special items that can be exchanged for powerful gear and other rewards. By utilizing the Resistance Ranks Boost service, you’ll unlock Bozjan Clusters along the way, expanding your options for customization and progression.


    Unlocking rare rewards and reaching your desired Resistance Rank in the Bozjan Southern Front is now within your grasp. The Resistance Ranks Boost service provides a convenient and efficient way to accelerate your progress and enhance your gameplay experience. With dedicated boosters, various execution options, and additional extras, you can conquer the challenges of the Bozjan Southern Front with ease. Embrace the power of Resistance Ranks Boost and embark on an exciting journey in Final Fantasy XIV.

  • To buy your Resistance Ranks Boost, click on your desired difficulty. Once this has been confirmed, and we have received the relevant preliminary information from you, we can get in touch to schedule your boost.

    Extra Options

    In addition to the main boost options, the Resistance Ranks Boost service offers a few extra options to enhance your experience:

    Priority: Your order will receive priority over others, ensuring a faster start time. This option reduces the processing time by 25%.

    Unlock Bozja: If you haven’t yet unlocked the Bozjan Southern Front, this option is for you. The boosters will complete several quests to unlock the zone, allowing you to dive into the action and start boosting your Resistance Rank.

    Shadowbringer MSQ: The main scenario quests of Shadowbringers expansion are a requirement to access the Bozjan Southern Front. If you haven’t completed these quests, the boosters can assist you by completing them, ensuring you have full access to the Bozja zone.

    Stream: With the Stream option, you can monitor the progress of your Resistance Ranks Boost in real-time. This allows you to stay connected and engaged throughout the boosting process, bringing a sense of transparency and control to your experience.

  • Job Level 71+;

    430 ilvl Gear;

    Shadowbringers MSQ completed;

    Bozja unlocked.


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