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  • Skinning in World of Warcraft is often referenced to as a leatherworkers second best profession. It allows players to obtain leather, scales and hides from most commonly beasts, dragonkin, silithid, nerubians and demon beasts. With the introduction of Dragonflight, three specializations for players to choose from were added to Skinning profession:

    Tanning – Mastery of gathering ability of leather, hides and scales on the Dragon Isles;

    Harvesting – specialist in harvesting specific materials from mobs, such as morsels for fishing lures, meats for cooking, and other materials needed by crafters;

    Bait Crafter – grants access to baits, allowing you to lure out rarer creatures and harvest the higher-level rewards from them.

    Start Time: 1-3 Hours

    What will I get?

    Your Ordered Skinning Levels;

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    Is skinning good in WoW?

    Skinning has maintained its relevance in WoW as its reliant on consumables, being in high demand from crafting professions. Leatherworking specifically is usually paired with skinning, due to the fact that most of its recipes require hides, scales and leather obtained by skinners. Furthermore, blacksmithing and tailoring require resources obtained by skinning profession too. Essentially, the profession overhaul has granted huge relevance for skinning profession, as well as new opportunities and exciting new ventures in the profession.

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