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  • Buy Spelltome Bundle Boost! We will boost you through the Legion Mage Tower to obtain the Spelltome Mount & Achievements. Simply click & Buy your Spelltome Boost!

    This page is dedicated to our Spelltome Bundle Boost for Legion Mage Tower.

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    15mins – 45mins


    Soaring Spelltome

    A Tour of Towers Achievement;

    Exclusive Transmog’s per class.

    How do Mage Tower Challenges work?

    The Legion Mage tower is a unique, challenging as well as a rewarding event. There are a total of 7 Challenges: 1 for Tanks, 1 for healers and 5 for DPS specializations. Some challenges are specialization specific.

    To complete the Legion Mage tower, you need a character either level 45, 50 or 60 with epic gear, 50ilvl being the entry level requirement. The most optimal way is being level 60 and having 210 item level. If your character slightly differs from the requirements or you’d like to order a custom amount of challenges, do not hesitate to open a chat with us!

  • To buy Spelltome Bundle boost, simply click the “buy” button. Fill out your information on our checkout page & we’ll add you on Discord: GladiatorBoost#0030 to confirm your order ID & get your Spelltome Bundle started ASAP!

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    If you have any custom inquiries or general questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We take everything into consideration and with the upmost professionalism & confidentiality.

  • Requirements for Spelltome Bundle Boost

    Level 45 / 50 / 60 Characters.

    If your gear is slightly below the requirements / differs, open a chat with us or add our Discord: GladiatorBoost#0030 & we can check it for you!

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