Zskarn, the Vigilant Steward

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  • Zskarn, the Vigilant Steward is the 6th boss for boosting and defeating in Aberruys, the Shadowed Crucible Raid in World of Warcraft, Dragonflight Patch 10.1. The boss is renown for dropping Chest tokens, weapons and armor pieces from LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulty, rewards scaling 408 to 447 ilvl.

    Zskarn, the Vigilant Steward Boss Guide & Tactics

    Zskarn is a Dragonkin boss, spectator of Neltharion’s experiments. He wants to take throne of the Crucible for himself and bolster his legacy.

    This unique boss encounter involves 0 phases. Golems, Dragon statues and Dragonfire Traps are the main mechanics, visible before initiating the boss fight. Once Zskarn reaches 100 energy, he activates traps, damaging every player standing within a 10 yard radius. Players must beware of “Tactical Destruction” too, as it deals substantial damage to players caught in the blast.

    Zskarn other important abilities:

    Unstable Embers: Zskarn chooses a random target and attacks them with AoE. Healers must keep the player alive whilst the rest of the raid distances away from it.

    Searing Claws: Stackable debuff on a tank for 20 seconds. Tanks must rotate when this debuff is up.

    Blast Wave: Attacks and knocks-back everyone, as well as applies a 6 second DoT.

    Shrapnel Bomb: Deals damage to everyone if not detonated within 30 seconds.

    Animate Golems: Zskarn animates golems to assist him in battle, activating Traps and attacking the raid.

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    Level 70 Character.


Overall rating 5 out of 5 alt 800+ reviews