Bloodsail Admiral

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  • Bloodsail Admiral is an exclusive account-wide title available in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. The title can only be obtained through reaching the maximum reputation level with Bloodsail Buccaneers, a reputation of shipshape pirates in WoW. The title bolsters a player’s title collection and their fastidious knowledge of Pirate Content.

    Bloodsail Admiral Title Boost

    Obtaining Bloodsail Admiral Title for yourself isn’t an easy task. The requirements are hours of grinding at the computer, completing quests & tasks for those feisty pirates. Regardless, the reward is worth it – the rewards (Booty – Pirate reference!) include the title, as well as a unique Pirate Hat for your characters.

    Furthermore, the Bloodsail Admiral Title can be used on all of your characters. It falls under the “Account Wide” category. This means that once you’ve earnt it on one character, you can equip it on any World of Warcraft character on your account. This reinforces the exclusivity of the achievement.

    Bloodsail Admiral title was released into the game with the release of Classic in 2006. The title gained further popularity throughout TBC and WotLK expansions. It has maintained its popularity, despite the challenging nature of obtaining it. To date, less than 15% of the World of Warcraft population have the Bloodsail Admiral Title on their accounts, expressing the difficulty and scarcity. At GladiatorBoost, you can purchase Bloodsail Admiral Title without worrying about the time constraints & frustration that comes with unlocking it on your own. Open a Live Chat with us to learn more about our WoW Boosting Services and up your game to new heights.


Overall rating 5 out of 5 alt 880+ reviews