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The Ultimate Guide to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

November 03, 2023

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    As an ardent gamer and a fan of the Call of Duty series, you are no doubt excited about the release of the Call of Duty MW3 Campaign, scheduled for launch soon. To make the most of this highly anticipated game sequel, you need a detailed guide to the CoD MW3 Campaign Missions. You’re in the right place! This comprehensive guide will give you a walkthrough of the campaign, an overview of the open combat missions, and tips on how to maneuver through the different difficulty levels.


    Setting the Stage for the CoD MW3 Campaign


    The CoD MW3 Campaign picks up from where the epic conclusion of Modern Warfare II left off. The indomitable Captain Price and Task Force 141 return to embark on perilous missions, taking on the puppet master and ultranationalist Vladimir Makarov. The campaign promises to be an adrenaline-pumping ride, with cinematic-like set pieces, intense situations, and the introduction of Open Combat Missions, adding an added layer of excitement.


    Open Combat Missions: A Game Changer


    Cod MW3 Open combat missions


    One of the standout features of the CoD MW3 campaign is the introduction of Open Combat Missions (OCMs). These missions are designed to give you, the player, more control over how you approach and complete objectives. OCMs allow you to gear up with supply boxes, armor plates, vests, and other equipment, offering a more immersive and strategic gaming experience.

    You can choose to be stealthy, picking off your enemies one by one, or get behind the wheel of a vehicle and charge head-on into danger. The choice is yours, and this level of player autonomy is a significant innovation in the Call of Duty series.


    Mapping Out the CoD MW3 Campaign Missions


    The Call of Duty MW3 Campaign consists of a series of missions, each with its unique challenges and objectives. Here’s a run-through of some of the missions you can expect in the campaign:


    Operation 627


    The campaign kicks off with Operation 627, where you are tasked with extracting Vladamir Makarov, the main antagonist, from a Russian prison. This mission sets the tone for the campaign, introducing you to the open combat mission format.


    Precious Cargo


    In this mission, you step into the shoes of Farah Ahmen Karim, tasked with retrieving GPS signals to plant on missiles that are about to be stolen. It’s the first mission where you get to experience the freedom of an open combat mission fully.




    In the Reactor mission, your objective is to destroy three helicopters operated by the Konni group. This mission requires strategic use of explosives and careful navigation to avoid being spotted by the circling attack helicopter.




    Payload is one of the lengthier missions in the early game, featuring a blend of stealth, takedowns, and unexpected surprises. You start the mission by scanning a missile base and end it amidst a lot of chemicals.

    This is just a taste of the thrilling missions that await you in the Call of Duty MW3 Campaign. Other missions such as Deep Cover, Passenger, Crash Site, Flashpoint, Oligarch, and Highrise offer unique challenges and plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


    Mastering the CoD MW3 Campaign Difficulty Levels


    The CoD MW3 Campaign offers four difficulty levels – Recruit, Regular, Hardened, and Veteran. Each level presents a different level of challenge, allowing you to tailor your gameplay experience to your skill level. If you’re new to the Call of Duty series, the Recruit or Regular difficulty level would be a good starting point. For experienced players looking for a more demanding experience, the Hardened or Veteran level will put your skills to the test.


    Unleashing Your Potential with Open Combat Missions


    One of the standout features of the CoD MW3 Campaign is the introduction of Open Combat Missions (OCMs). These missions, a significant departure from the traditional linear gameplay, offer a new level of player autonomy. Whether you prefer stealthy maneuvers or a guns-blazing approach, OCMs offer you the freedom to play your way.


    Call of Duty MW3 Campaign: A Gaming Experience Like No Other


    The Call of Duty MW3 Campaign is set to be a game-changer in the series, offering a more immersive and strategic gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Call of Duty player or new to the franchise, the campaign promises to be an adventure like no other.

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    The Call of Duty MW3 Campaign offers a thrilling gaming experience, with a compelling storyline, innovative gameplay features, and a host of challenging missions. Whether you’re out to save the world or simply enjoy the adrenaline rush of battle, this guide to the CoD MW3 Campaign Missions is your ticket to an unforgettable gaming experience. Happy gaming!

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