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How to Get Antique Bronze Bullion in Dragonflight Season 4: A Comprehensive Guide

April 24, 2024

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    Dragonflight Season 4 in World of Warcraft (WoW) introduces a brand-new currency known as Antique Bronze Bullion. This unique currency is used to purchase a variety of items, including raid gear, legendary weapon upgrades, and various cosmetic rewards. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of how to get Antique Bronze Bullion and effectively spend it to enhance your gameplay experience in Dragonflight Season 4.


    Antique Bronze Bullion: An Overview


    How to get Antique Bronze Bullion in Dragonflight Season 4


    Antique Bronze Bullion is a special currency introduced exclusively for Dragonflight Season 4. It closely mirrors the function of Puzzling Cartel Dinar from the previous Shadowlands season, facilitating purchases of various items and upgrades. However, unlike the Dinar, the Antique Bronze Bullion has a different acquisition process and spending avenues, providing players with more flexibility and opportunities.


    Earning Antique Bronze Bullion


    Acquiring Antique Bronze Bullion involves undertaking challenging group content. Confirmed methods of earning this currency include:


    Participating in Awakened Raids


    Completing Mythic+ Dungeons


    Engaging in Ranked Player vs Player (PvP)


    Completing Weekly Open World Quests


    These activities not only offer an exciting gaming experience but also reward players with Antique Bronze Bullion, adding a unique progression element to Dragonflight Season 4.


    Antique Bronze Bullion Limitations


    There is a cap to the number of Antique Bronze Bullion a player can possess. Each character can accumulate a maximum of 20 Antique Bronze Bullions over the course of the season. This means that players must carefully strategize their spending to make the most out of their earned bullions.


    Spending Antique Bronze Bullion


    Antique Bronze Bullion can be used to purchase a variety of items. From powerful raid accessories and weapons to cosmetic weapon skins and legendary upgrades, the bullion opens up numerous possibilities for character enhancement. Additionally, for mount collectors who missed out on Shadowlands Season 4, the coveted Jigglesworth Sr. mount makes a comeback, available for purchase using 3 Antique Bronze Bullions.


    Antique Bronze Bullion Vendors


    There are several vendors in Valdrakken in the Parting Glass in the Bronze Enclave who accept Antique Bronze Bullion. These vendors are:




    Iszinormi – in both humanoid and dragon forms




    Each vendor offers a variety of items from different Dragonflight raids, allowing players to choose gear according to their preferences and needs.


    What to Buy with Antique Bronze Bullion


    The choice of what to buy with Antique Bronze Bullion largely depends on the player’s needs and gaming style. From weapons and trinkets to mounts and cosmetics, the currency allows players to access a plethora of items. However, given the limited number of bullions that can be earned, it is advisable to prioritize purchases that offer the most benefits.




    Understanding how to get Antique Bronze Bullion in Dragonflight Season 4 is crucial for a rewarding gaming experience. This unique currency not only adds a new progression element to the game but also allows players to access exclusive items and upgrades, enhancing their gaming journey. With careful planning and strategic spending, players can make the most out of their earned bullions.


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    With this comprehensive guide on how to get Antique Bronze Bullion in Dragonflight Season 4, you’re now armed with the knowledge you need to navigate this new season effectively. Happy gaming!

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