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Mogu’shan Vaults Guide: Conquering the Challenges of Mists of Pandaria Remix

April 24, 2024

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    Welcome, heroes, to our comprehensive Mogu’shan Vaults guide for the Mists of Pandaria Remix expansion! In this iconic raid, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the history of the Mogu Empire and test your skills against six formidable bosses. Are you ready to claim unique loot and prove your mettle? Let’s dive into the depths of Mogu’shan Vaults together!


    Unveiling the Secrets of Mogu’shan Vaults


    Mogu'shan Vaults Guide Mists of Pandaria Remix


    Mogu’shan Vaults is a returning raid activity from the original Mists of Pandaria expansion in 2012. It offers both 10-man and 25-man versions, as well as Normal and Heroic difficulties. As the first raid you’ll encounter in WoW Pandaria Remix, it serves as a stepping stone to greater challenges. However, don’t be deceived by its initial accessibility – the raid’s difficulty scales with your level and skill.


    Locating Mogu’shan Vaults


    To embark on your Mogu’shan Vaults adventure, head to Kun-Lai Summit and navigate to the northern end, left of the Temple of the White Tiger. The exact coordinates are 59.7, 39. Look for Mogu’shan Terrace, marked in red on the attached map to pinpoint the entrance.


    Preparing for the Raid


    Before venturing into Mogu’shan Vaults, assemble a reliable raid party. The challenges that lie ahead require coordination and teamwork. Whether you’re tackling the 10-man Normal version or the 25-man Heroic one, having a well-rounded group composition is essential. Consider the following raid compositions:


    10-Man Normal: 2 Tanks, 2-3 Healers, 5-6 DPS


    10-Man Heroic: 2 Tanks, 3 Healers, 5 DPS


    25-Man Normal: 3 Tanks, 6-7 Healers, 15-16 DPS


    25-Man Heroic: 3 Tanks, 6 Healers, 16 DPS


    LFR: 2 Tanks, 6 Healers, 17 DPS


    The Bosses of Mogu’shan Vaults


    Now, let’s delve into the heart of Mogu’shan Vaults and explore each boss encounter that awaits you. Prepare yourself for an array of unique mechanics and abilities as you face off against these formidable foes.


    The Stone Guard


    The first challenge in Mogu’shan Vaults is The Stone Guard. This council-style encounter requires you to switch targets strategically and respond to straightforward mechanics. The Stone Guard consists of four Quilen Guardians: Amethyst, Cobalt, Jade, and Jasper.


    During the fight, the Guardians share a health pool but possess individual energy bars. When Guardians are close to each other, they gain energy, eventually unleashing a raid-wide attack called Overload. However, only one Guardian at a time offers the raid 90% damage reduction from its Overload. Your goal is to manage which Guardian fills up first by positioning them near or away from each other based on the active debuff.


    Feng the Accursed


    Feng the Accursed is the second boss you’ll encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults. This three-phase fight requires your raid to execute precise strategies. Feng starts the encounter by summoning mogu statue trash mobs, which adds an extra layer of challenge to the battle.


    In Phase One, Feng primarily uses melee attacks and his shockwave ability, Lightning Fists. Players must avoid getting caught in the frontal cone of this attack. Phase Two introduces the Wildfire Spark debuff, which transforms into a spreading fire patch. Players must carefully manage the placement of these wildfires to minimize raid damage. In Phase Three, Feng enters a Frenzy state, increasing his attack speed and damage output.


    Gara’jal the Spiritbinder


    Gara’jal the Spiritbinder awaits as the third encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults. This fight pushes your raid’s coordination to the forefront. The primary challenge lies in defeating Gara’jal swiftly to beat the tight enrage timer.


    Gara’jal marks the tank and random raid members as Voodoo Dolls, mirroring damage taken among them. The Voodoo Doll tank will be banished to the Spirit World periodically. Meanwhile, the rest of the raid must manage the Spirit Totems that grant access to the Spirit World. Healing the Voodoo Doll tank and maintaining proper positioning are key to success in this encounter.


    The Spirit Kings


    The Spirit Kings await as the fourth boss encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults. This council-style fight showcases innovative mechanics that will keep your raid on the edge of their seats. Each Spirit King possesses unique abilities, and your raid must navigate through their various challenges.


    The encounter consists of four Spirit Kings: Zian of the Endless Shadow, Meng the Demented, Qiang the Merciless, and Subetai the Swift. Each King presents different mechanics and requires different strategies to overcome. Coordination and communication are paramount as your raid adapts to the ever-changing battlefield.




    Elegon is the penultimate boss of Mogu’shan Vaults, and his complexity rivals that of Algalon in Ulduar. This encounter demands precise execution but is not insurmountable with proper strategy. Elegon’s mechanics include various abilities that your raid must navigate.


    The fight centers around Elegon’s energy and his Celestial Protectors. Your raid must manage the flow of energy, activate pillars, and defeat Celestial Protectors to progress through the encounter. Communication and coordination are vital to success in this challenging battle.


    Will of the Emperor


    The final encounter of Mogu’shan Vaults is the Will of the Emperor. This complex and lengthy fight pits your raid against an array of different add types before engaging the two actual bosses, Qin’xi and Jan’xi. Your raid must adapt to the changing mechanics and defeat each wave of enemies strategically.


    Defeating the Will of the Emperor requires your raid to coordinate interrupts, manage positioning, and handle various abilities unleashed by the bosses and their minions. This fight tests your raid’s endurance and ability to adapt on the fly.


    The Bountiful Loot of Mogu’shan Vaults


    As you conquer each boss in Mogu’shan Vaults, you’ll have the opportunity to claim unique loot. The raid offers a vast array of items, both in Normal and Heroic versions, with varying stat distributions. Below is a sample of the loot you might encounter:


    Boss Item Name Gear Slot
    The Stone Guard Beads of the Mogu’shi Necklace
    Cape of Three Lanterns Cloak
    Claws of Amethyst Hands
    Feng the Accursed Amulet of Seven Curses Necklace
    Arrow Breaking Windcloak Cloak
    Bracers of Six Oxen Wrist
    Gara’jal the Spiritbinder Circuit of the Frail Soul Ring
    Eye of the Ancient Spirit Shield
    Fetters of Death Belt
    The Spirit Kings Hood of Blind Eyes Helm
    Meng’s Treads of Insanity Boots
    Mindshard Drape Cloak
    Elegon Starshatter 2H Sword
    Torch of the Celestial Spark Wand
    Vial of Dragon’s Blood Trinket
    Will of the Emperor Hood of Focused Energy Helm
    Lei Shen’s Final Orders Trinket
    Worldwaker Cachabon Necklace


    Please note that this loot table is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the complete list of items available in Mogu’shan Vaults. The loot you obtain from this raid can be carried over to the retail version of the game, allowing you to continue your journey with valuable rewards.


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    Conclusion: Conquer Mogu’shan Vaults and Beyond


    Mogu’shan Vaults in the Mists of Pandaria Remix expansion offers an exhilarating raiding experience that allows you to relive the challenges of the past while enjoying unique loot. With this comprehensive guide, you now possess the knowledge and strategies needed to conquer each boss encounter. Remember to assemble a competent raiding party, communicate effectively, and adapt to the mechanics presented to achieve victory.


    As you venture forth into Mogu’shan Vaults, consider utilizing SkyCoach’s boost services to expedite your progress and enhance your gaming experience. With their professional assistance, you can focus on the thrill of raiding while leaving the grind behind. Embrace the challenges that await, claim your well-deserved rewards, and become a legendary hero in the World of Warcraft.


    Safe travels, hero, and may the loot gods smile upon you in your journey through Mogu’shan Vaults and beyond!

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