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Call of Duty MW3: The Ultimate Guide to Mastery Camos

December 08, 2023

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    CoD MW3 Boosting


    Call of Duty, the popular first-person shooter game, has introduced a variety of Mastery Camos in the latest edition, Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). Mastery Camos are unique skins that allow players to show off their skill levels and in-game accomplishments. This comprehensive guide covers all the details you need to know about CoD MW3 All Mastery Camos.


    Understanding Mastery Camos


    Mastery Camos work in a similar way to StatTrack skins in CS2 or BATTLESTAT skins in PUBG. In Modern Warfare 3, every weapon has access to a Mastery Camo, offering players an exclusive way to highlight their gaming prowess. At the onset of MW3 Season 1, players can choose from sixteen Mastery CoD Camo options.


    Completing the Mastery Camo Challenges is a prerequisite to unlock these exclusive skins. Players must use the appropriate Camo and achieve a specific number of kills with the Operator. Successful completion of these challenges rewards the players with an Emblem and Calling Card that align with the earned Camo and weapon. If a player completes all four Mastery Challenges, they can fulfill the Completionist Camo Challenge for a weapon.


    CoD MW3 Mastery Camos


    Types of Mastery Camos in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3


    There are three sets of Mastery Camos in MW3: MW3 Multiplayer Set, MW2 Carry Forward Set, and Zombies MW3 Weapons Set. Each set comes with its own unique challenges and requirements. Let’s delve into the details of each set.


    MW3 Multiplayer Set


    This set of Mastery Camos is available for Modern Warfare 3 weapons in Multiplayer. The four Camos in this set are Gilded, Forged, Priceless, and Interstellar.


    Gilded Camo


    To unlock the Gilded Camo, players must complete all four Base Camo challenges. After completing these challenges, the Gilded Camo challenge will be available. The challenge varies with each weapon. For instance, for the MCW AR, players need to get three operator kills with one magazine ten times. Additionally, players must unlock the Gilded Camo and get 100 operator kills while using it to obtain the Gilded Emblem and Calling Card.


    Forged Camo


    Unlocking the Forged Camo requires players to get the Gilded Camo for every weapon in the category and complete additional Gilded Camo challenges for weapons in the same category. For the MCW AR, players need to get three kills without dying ten times. The Forged Emblem and Calling Card are awarded after completing Gilded Mastery, unlocking Forged Camo, and getting 200 operator kills while using it.


    Priceless Camo


    To unlock the Priceless Camo, players must get a total of 37 Forged Camos for MW3 weapons and complete a unique challenge, which varies depending on the weapon chosen. For example, the MCW AR requires getting five kills without dying ten times, and the SVA 545 requires to get 15 headshot kills with a magnification scope. Earning the Priceless Emblem and Calling Card requires completion of Forged Mastery and getting 300 operator kills while using the Priceless Camo.


    Interstellar Camo


    Unlocking the Interstellar Camo is a challenging feat. It requires players to complete a total of 36 Priceless Camo challenges for MW3 weapons. There are no additional challenges. To obtain the Interstellar Emblem and Calling Card, players must complete the Priceless Mastery Camo Challenge and get 400 operator kills while using the Interstellar Camo.


    MW2 Carry Forward Set


    These Modern Warfare Camos are carried forward from MW2 and are only available for MW2 guns. The Camos in this set are Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion.


    Gold Camo


    To unlock the Gold Camo, players need to complete all four Base Challenges for the weapon they want. For example, to get the Gold Camo for an AR, players need to level the weapon up to level 2, then get it to level 10, and complete a special challenge for each of four Camos, such as getting 50 ADS kills. After that, players will be able to complete the challenge “Get X kills without dying”. If players want to unlock the Gold Emblem and Calling Card, they need to get 100 kills with a Golden Camo equipped.


    Platinum Camo


    To unlock the Platinum Camo, players first need to get Gold Camos for every weapon in the category. After that, they’ll have access to the challenge “Get X kills by longshots”. To unlock the Platinum Emblem and Calling Card, players need to get 200 kills with the Platinum Camo equipped.


    Polyatomic Camo


    To unlock the Polyatomic Camo, players need to complete a total of 51 Platinum challenges. Then they’ll have access to the challenge “Get X kills by headshots”. To unlock the Polyatomic Emblem and Calling Card, players need to get 300 kills with the Polyatomic Camo equipped.


    Orion Camo


    Unlocking the Orion Camo requires players to complete a total of 51 Polyatomic challenges. To obtain the Orion Emblem and Calling Card, players need to get 400 kills with the Orion skin equipped.


    Zombies MW3 Weapons Set


    This set of Mastery Camos is designed for the Zombies mode and includes Golden Enigma, Zircon Scale, Serpentinite, and Borealis.


    Golden Enigma Camo


    To unlock the Golden Enigma Camo, players need to complete all four Zombie Base Camo Challenges for their choice of weapon. Then, they must complete the Golden Ivory Camo challenge, which involves a certain number of zombie kills and a successful extract with the weapon at the end. To get the Golden Enigma Emblem and Calling Card, players need to get 300 zombie kills with the Golden Enigma Camo equipped in a single deployment.


    Zircon Scale Camo


    Unlocking the Zircon Scale Camo requires players to get the Golden Enigma Camo for the entire category and complete the Zircon Scale challenge. This challenge involves a certain number of zombie kills with the weapon while it’s Pack-A-Punched. To get the Zircon Scale Emblem and Calling Card, players need to complete the Golden Enigma Mastery and get 600 zombie kills while the Zircon Scale Camo is equipped.


    Serpentinite Camo


    To unlock the Serpentinite Camo, players need to get 37 Zircon Scale Camos for MW3 weapons and then get a certain number of special or elite zombie kills. To unlock the Serpentinite Emblem and Calling Card, players need to complete Zircon Scale Mastery and get 900 zombie kills while Serpentinite Camo is equipped.


    Borealis Camo


    To unlock the Borealis Camo, players need to complete a total of 37 Serpentinite challenges for MW3 weapons. To get the Borealis Emblem and Calling Card, players need to complete Serpentinite Mastery and get 1200 zombie kills while Borealis Camo is equipped.


    Zombies MW3 Weapon Set


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    Unlocking Mastery Camos in CoD MW3 is no easy task, but the satisfaction of flaunting a unique Camo is unparalleled. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice, this guide provides all the information you need to unlock your desired Mastery Camos. And, if you need a little boost, remember GladiatorBoost is always ready to assist you. Happy gaming!

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