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CoD MW3 Best Weapons: The Ultimate Tier List and Guide

November 11, 2023

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    As an avid gamer, finding the best weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (CoD MW3) can significantly enhance your gaming experience. This article presents a comprehensive CoD MW3 Best Weapons Tier List, helping you select the most formidable guns in the game.


    Understanding Weapon Tiers


    CoD MW3 Weapons Tier List


    Before diving into the list, understanding weapon tiers is crucial. Weapons are typically ranked from S to D, with S-tier weapons being the best and D-tier the least effective.


    CoD MW3 Best Weapons Tier List


    This tier list ranks all available weapons in CoD MW3 from best to worst based on their performance in the game.


    S-Tier Weapons


    These are the crème de la crème of weapons in CoD MW3, known for their superior performance.


    1. Striker


    CoD MW3 Striker


    The Striker, a Sub Machine Gun, is an excellent choice for new players. Its control is straightforward and it boasts a rapid fire rate. It’s perfect for aggressive play styles as it has quick Time To Kill (TTK).

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    2. MCW


    CoD MW3 MCW


    The MCW, an Assault Rifle, is a fan-favorite due to its low recoil, high fire rate, and long damage range. It’s versatile and effective at any range, making it a top choice in the game.


    A-Tier Weapons


    These weapons are slightly less powerful than S-tier weapons but still deliver excellent performance.


    1. Bas-B


    CoD MW3 Bas-B


    The Bas-B, a Battle Rifle, is known for its rapid fire rate, manageable recoil, high damage, and respectable range.


    2. KV Inhibitor


    KV Inhibitor CoD MW3


    The KV Inhibitor, a Sniper Rifle, is simple to operate with a fast rate of fire. It lacks recoil control compared to other sniper rifles but makes up for it with its quick aiming speed.


    B-Tier Weapons


    These are average weapons that can still be effective in the right hands.


    1. MTZ-Interceptor


    MTZ-Interceptor CoD MW3


    The MTZ-Interceptor, a Marksman Rifle, is a semi-automatic weapon that can fire at any range. Its slow rate of fire may be a drawback for some players.


    2. Rival-9


    Rival-9 CoD MW3


    The Rival-9, a Sub Machine Gun, is excellent for players who like to move quickly around the map. It’s not the most powerful SMG, but it offers the best handling and mobility.


    C-Tier Weapons


    These weapons are more challenging to use and may not be suitable for everyone.


    1. Riveter


    Riveter CoD MW3


    The Riveter, a Shotgun, is worth considering if you’re a shotgun fan. It’s currently the only playable shotgun in the game.


    2. SVA 545


    SVA 545 CoD MW3


    The SVA 545, an Assault Rifle, has a unique firing mechanism. The first two rounds fire almost instantly, followed by the subsequent rounds firing at a normal pace.


    D-Tier Weapons


    These are the least effective weapons in the game.


    Lockwood 680


    Lockwood 680 CoD MW3


    The Lockwood 680, a Shotgun, is the least reliable weapon in the game. Its damage output is low, and it’s slow to pump and fire.


    Wrapping Up


    Finding the right weapon in CoD MW3 is crucial for a successful gaming experience. This comprehensive tier list is an excellent starting point in determining the CoD MW3 Best Weapons that suit your playing style. Remember, the best weapon is often the one you are most comfortable using.

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    Note: This article is based on general consensus and personal opinion. The best weapon can vary for each player depending on their playstyle and preference.

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