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Final Fantasy XIV: An Unveiling of the FF 14 Jobs Tier List

January 11, 2024

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    If you’ve delved into the world of Eorzea, you know that the Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) universe is brimming with diverse jobs and classes that characterize and shape your gameplay experience. This comprehensive piece, inspired by the FF 14 Jobs tier list, is designed to guide you through the vast range of jobs that inhabit the FFXIV landscape.


    Prefer to watch a video? Check out our FF 14 Jobs Tier List Video!


    Understanding the Job System in FFXIV


    FFXIV Jobs Tier List


    Final Fantasy XIV boasts a singular job system that permits players to explore multiple classes on a single character. As a player, you initiate your journey by choosing one out of nine base classes. Once you reach a certain level, you unlock the opportunity to specialize your class into a job, which is essentially an enhanced version of your base class. This evolution endows you with better abilities and more complex combos.


    There are four primary roles in FFXIV, each encompassing different jobs:


    Tank Role: Tanks are the party’s protectors, maneuvering enemy aggression and bearing the brunt of enemy attacks. They must master enemy mechanics and positioning, often leading the group in navigating dungeons and initiating combat.
    Healer Role: Playing a quintessential role in party survival, healers primarily restore health to injured party members and deliver abilities that prevent damage.
    Melee DPS Role: Melee DPS characters specialize in close-quarters combat, delivering high damage to enemies directly in front of them.
    Physical Ranged DPS Role: Physical Ranged DPS deal damage from a distance using weapons like bows or firearms.
    Magical Ranged DPS Role: Magical Ranged DPS cast spells from afar, dealing damage through a variety of single-target burst and AoE magical attacks.

    Choosing your class and job is crucial in FFXIV, as it molds your gameplay and role-playing experience. However, the game allows you the liberty to switch to any class at any time, enabling you to explore diverse classes without creating a new character.


    Unraveling the FF 14 Jobs Tier List


    An FF 14 Jobs tier list serves as an effective tool to gauge the comparative effectiveness of each class and job in FFXIV. It offers a snapshot of the current meta, reflecting the game’s ever-evolving content and dynamics. However, as this tier list is subject to updates, player strategies, and community trends, it serves as a snapshot of the game’s current state.


    The tier list categorizes jobs into three primary tiers: S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier.


    S-Tier: The Apex of Performance


    S-Tier jobs are the crème de la crème of FFXIV’s job system. These jobs are coveted for their exceptional performance and capabilities in both high-end and standard gameplay. They excel in their respective roles, offering high damage output, strong tanking capabilities, or significant healing abilities. Here are some of the S-tier jobs:


    Gunbreaker (GNB): Renowned for its potent damage output and tanking abilities, the Gunbreaker is a favorite in both raids and dungeons.
    Warrior (WAR): The Warrior stands out with its remarkable self-healing capabilities and strong party mitigation, making it a top choice for various content.
    Dark Knight (DRK): The Dark Knight compensates for its weaker mitigation with high damage output, making it highly effective in raids.
    Samurai (SAM): The Samurai offers incredibly high damage and excels in both AoE and single-target scenarios.
    Ninja (NIN): The Ninja is valued for its high damage and flexibility, allowing it to attack from a distance.
    Dragoon (DRG): Known for exceptional damage and a valuable raid buff, “Dragon Litany,” the Dragoon is a powerful melee DPS.

    A-Tier: Reliable and Competent


    Jobs in the A-Tier are robust and perform well in all types of content. However, they have certain deficiencies compared to S-tier jobs.


    Black Mage (BLM): The Black Mage deals the highest damage among magical DPS but lacks a raid buff, placing it in the A-tier.
    Red Mage (RDM): Red Mage offers solid damage and a useful raid buff, “Embolden,” but it’s overshadowed by Summoner, placing it in the A-tier.
    Sage (SGE): A shield healer with offensive capabilities, Sage offers the highest damage among healers, but it’s slightly outperformed by Scholar, placing it in the A-tier.
    White Mage (WHM): A pure healer known for skills like “Benediction” and “Holy,” the White Mage lacks the strong party healing of Astrologian and raid buffs, placing it in the A-tier.

    B-Tier: Decent, Yet Outshined


    B-tier jobs can still be effective in all content, but they suffer from certain design choices that make them less desirable compared to higher-tier jobs.


    Paladin (PLD): Paladin has strong mitigation with “Holy Sheltron” but struggles with fitting its rotation inside raid buffs.
    Machinist (MCH): A Physical Ranged DPS, Machinist lacks the raid buffs and defensive utilities of Dancer, placing it in the B-tier.

    The Best Jobs Across Roles in FF 14


    FF14 Best Jobs


    In a game as diverse as FFXIV, it’s impossible to name a single “best” job. The “best” job varies depending on the role you wish to play. Here are the top jobs across the different roles in FF14:


    Best Tank: Gunbreaker (GNB)
    Best Melee DPS: Dragoon (DRG)
    Best Physical Ranged DPS: Dancer (DNC)
    Best Magical Ranged DPS: Summoner (SMN)
    Best Healer: Scholar (SCH)

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    In conclusion, whether you’re a novice trying a different job on your character or a seasoned player seeking the best job, this FF 14 Jobs tier list offers valuable insights into the diverse job landscape of FFXIV. Remember to choose a job that aligns with your playstyle and enjoy the journey of exploring the vast universe of Eorzea!

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