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FFXIV Gil Farming Guide: How to Accumulate Wealth in Final Fantasy XIV

April 01, 2024

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    FFXIV Boosting


    Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is widely regarded as one of the best MMORPGs on the market, captivating players with its immersive world and engaging gameplay. In FFXIV, Gil serves as the primary currency, allowing players to purchase everything from gear and furniture to weapons and housing. Building up a substantial amount of Gil can be challenging, but with the right strategies and methods, you can accumulate wealth and enhance your gaming experience.


    1. Keep Crafting and Gathering Classes Up-To-Date With Content


    FFXIV Gil Farming Guide


    One of the most effective ways to amass Gil in FFXIV is to stay ahead of the game by leveling up your crafting and gathering classes. As an MMO, FFXIV’s economy is influenced by player interactions. By being at the highest level with the best gear, you’ll have a significant advantage when new content is introduced that requires crafting, gathering, and selling new items. This is especially true for high-demand items such as gear, furniture, and materials needed for crafting new items.


    2. Sell Popular Glamour Gear


    In FFXIV, players are always looking for ways to customize and stand out with their characters. Fashion trends in glamour gear constantly evolve, particularly when new items suitable for glamours are introduced. As a savvy entrepreneur, keep an eye out for updates that add new casual outfits that can be worn at any level. Crafting these high-level glamour gear items, especially those requiring the Weaver class, can be a lucrative endeavor. Although it may require rare drops or high-level gathering classes for certain ingredients, these fresh gear items can sell for millions of Gil while they are still new and in high demand.


    3. Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges


    FFXIV offers various daily and weekly tasks and challenges that can be a great source of extra Gil. Engage in daily roulettes and beastmen quests, which often reward players with Gil or valuable materia. Additionally, take advantage of the weekly challenge log, which presents players with various tasks that, once completed, offer generous amounts of Gil. Some challenges are easy to accomplish, such as playing mini-games, while others are naturally achieved through regular gameplay. Consistently participating in these activities will contribute to a steady increase in your Gil reserves.


    4. Hunt and Sell Minions


    Minions are cherished collectibles in FFXIV, and many players strive to amass a vast collection of these adorable companions. Minions can be obtained through dungeons, raids, crafting, gathering, and various other activities. Some minions are in high demand and can be sold on the market board for a handsome profit. Stay updated with each game update to check if new minions have been added and if they are sellable. If you come across a rare minion that is difficult to obtain, consider farming certain dungeons to collect it and sell it to other eager collectors.


    5. Join Map Parties


    If you stumble upon a treasure map in FFXIV, consider exploring it with a map party instead of selling it. This holds especially true for high-level maps that can potentially yield greater returns on your investment. While it may involve some risk, lucky players can walk out of map dungeons with a substantial profit. Acquiring maps through gathering classes or as rewards from Khloe’s journals is recommended, as it eliminates the need to spend Gil on purchasing the maps. Even if you encounter challenges and get kicked out of a dungeon prematurely, your losses won’t be significant.


    6. Sell Rewards From Eureka


    Eureka Anemos, the Forbidden Land, is an instanced area in FFXIV that offers various tasks and adventures reminiscent of Final Fantasy XI. Engaging in Eureka activities can lead to lucrative rewards that can be sold on the market board. Keep an eye out for Final Fantasy XI-themed minions, which are highly sought after by players. Participating in FATEs (Full Active Time Events) within Eureka can earn you these exclusive minions and other items that fetch a high price. Take advantage of this opportunity to profit from your adventures in Eureka.


    7. Collect Unlockable Crafting Recipes


    Unlocking Master Recipe Tomes is a valuable endeavor for any aspiring crafter in FFXIV. These tomes contain exclusive crafting recipes that are not readily available to all players. To obtain them, you must reach level 50 and complete the quest “Just Tooling Around” in Mor Dhona. There are three types of Master Recipe Tomes: Crafting, Demimateria, and Glamours. Unlocking and utilizing these recipes gives you a competitive edge, as not every player may have access to them. However, be prepared to invest crafting and gathering scripts to purchase the necessary materials.


    8. Earn and Sell Rewards From Wondrous Tails


    Once you reach level 60 in FFXIV, you can embark on the Wondrous Tails questline by speaking with the NPC Unctuous Adventurer in Idyllshire. This questline introduces a bingo-like system where players complete trials, raids, and dungeons to earn seals. These seals can be exchanged for Certificate of Commendations of varying quality, which can, in turn, be traded for desirable prizes. Certain rewards obtained through Wondrous Tails can be sold for a decent amount of Gil, providing you with a reliable source of income.


    9. Get Into Gardening


    Gardening in FFXIV can be a patient but highly rewarding method of accumulating wealth. To engage in gardening, you’ll need access to a property such as a Free Company house or a personal house where you can cultivate your garden. Thavnairian Onions, in particular, are highly lucrative crops, as players use them to level up their Chocobo companions. Growing Thavnairian Onions requires cross-breeding other vegetables to obtain the correct seeds and diligent watering. Although time-consuming, this endeavor can result in a significant amount of Gil. Embark on your virtual gardening journey and reap the financial rewards.


    10. Craft Things Needed for Class Quests


    Class quests in FFXIV often require specific items that players need to progress. Many players prefer to buy these items from the market board instead of crafting them themselves. By identifying the items required for class quests and crafting several copies of them, you can attract players looking for a quick and convenient solution. This strategy is particularly effective for in-demand items, as players will line up to purchase them. Leveling up a crafting job is highly recommended as crafting plays a significant role in accumulating Gil.


    11. Send Retainers on Ventures


    Retainers in FFXIV can be sent on ventures, which offer a chance to obtain valuable loot that you can sell for a profit. Depending on your retainer’s class and level, they may bring back popular minions like the Fat Cat or rare and sought-after items. Venture tokens, the currency required to send retainers on ventures, can be acquired by completing beast tribe quests or spending company credits earned from FATEs and quests. Maximize your chances of striking it rich by regularly sending your retainers on ventures and keeping an eye on the market board for valuable loot.


    12. Run Expert Roulette and Sell Materia


    Participating in roulettes in FFXIV not only rewards you with a small amount of Gil but also offers the opportunity to obtain valuable loot that can be sold for a profit. While most loot doesn’t fetch a significant price, higher-level roulettes such as Expert Roulettes yield materia that can be sold on the market board for a handsome sum. By consistently selling materia acquired from expert-level dungeons, you can steadily accumulate Gil while also enjoying the visually stunning dungeons that FFXIV has to offer.


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    In conclusion, accumulating Gil in FFXIV requires a combination of strategic gameplay, market awareness, and an entrepreneurial mindset. By leveraging crafting, gathering, and market trends, as well as engaging in various in-game activities, you can steadily increase your wealth and enjoy all that Final Fantasy XIV has to offer. With the support of services like GladiatorBoost, your journey to financial prosperity in FFXIV is within reach.

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