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How to Rank Up Fast in Apex Legends 2024: An Expert’s Guide

April 16, 2024

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    Apex Legends, a popular Battle Royale game, is renowned for its stimulating gameplay, intriguing characters, and unique in-game situations. Players’ skill level and strategy significantly influence the outcome of each match. As such, ranking up in Apex Legends can sometimes be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with effective strategies on how to rank up fast in Apex Legends 2024 and achieve your gaming goals.


    Understanding the Apex Legends Ranking System


    How to Rank Up Fast in Apex Legends 2024


    Before delving into the strategies to rank up fast, let’s first understand the ranking system in Apex Legends. The game’s ranking system has been designed to challenge players at all levels. It rewards those who consistently perform well, with the ultimate goal of reaching the highest rank – Apex Predator.


    The ranks in Apex Legends are as follows:


    Novice (IV, III, II, I)


    Copper (IV, III, II, I)


    Iron (IV, III, II, I)


    Gold (IV, III, II, I)


    Platinum (IV, III, II, I)


    Diamond (IV, III, II, I)




    Apex Predator (Top 750 players per platform in the Grandmaster rank)


    Rank Points (RP) are the key to climbing this ladder. Achieving higher ranks requires players to accumulate a certain number of RPs, which are earned through in-game actions such as eliminating enemies, reaching top five placements, and assisting teammates. However, reviving or healing teammates doesn’t earn any RPs.


    Effective Strategies for Ranking Up Fast


    Team Play and Communication


    Apex Legends is a team-based game. Thus, playing with friends or players you know can significantly increase your chances of winning. You can strategize better, understand each other’s playing styles, and coordinate your moves effectively. However, if you can’t always play with friends, be prepared to communicate efficiently with your random teammates using the game’s mic and ping systems.


    Using Apex Legends Boost Services


    For players looking to rank up even faster and without the usual grind, using services like GladiatorBoost can be a viable option. GladiatorBoost offers professional boosting services where experienced players help you increase your rank directly. This can be particularly useful for those who have limited time to play or find it challenging to progress through the ranks due to competitive gameplay.


    Selecting Landing Spots


    Choosing the right landing spot can set the tone for your match. It’s often wise to avoid crowded areas and aim for quieter landing spots to increase your survival chances. While landing away from the action might mean fewer loot options initially, it reduces early-game risks and allows for strategic planning.


    Playing It Smart


    One of the keys to ranking up in Apex Legends is knowing when to engage and when to avoid battles. You don’t always need to rush into fights. Instead, play it slow and smart, focusing on survival over kills.


    Following the Meta


    Each new patch can shift the game’s meta, making certain characters stronger than others. Staying updated with these changes can give you an edge in your matches.


    Survival Strategy


    Sometimes, the best strategy is to retreat, especially when the odds are heavily against you. This approach can save your RP and extend your survival time in the game.


    Timing and Positioning


    Knowing when to engage opponents and where to position yourself during fights is essential. Capitalizing on the right opportunities and maintaining a strategic position can turn the tide of battles in your favor.


    Using Sniper Rifles


    Sniping has become a common and effective strategy in Apex Legends. Having a squad member with a sniper rifle can open up various tactical opportunities and give your team an edge.


    Positive Attitude


    Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the game is important. Encouraging teammates and staying focused even in challenging situations can improve your team’s overall performance.


    The Journey to Apex Predator


    Climbing the rank ladder in Apex Legends requires a combination of skill, strategy, and persistence. Each rank requires a specific number of RPs to progress:


    Novice: 250 RP


    Copper: 500 RP


    Iron: 600 RP


    Gold: 700 RP


    Platinum: 800 RP


    Diamond: 900 RP


    Your progression speed depends on your performance in each match. However, remember that the higher your rank, the more RP you’ll need to spend to enter a ranked match, which can sometimes result in a net loss of RP.




    Ranking up in Apex Legends can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. By adopting the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be better equipped to climb the ranks and achieve your Apex Legends goals.




    1. What is the fastest way to rank up in Apex Legends? 


    The fastest way to rank up in Apex Legends includes playing with a coordinated team, communicating effectively, choosing the right landing spots, playing smart, following the game’s meta, focusing on survival, timing your engagements, positioning wisely, using sniper rifles, and maintaining a positive attitude.


    2. How many wins does it take to rank up in Apex Legends?


    The number of wins needed to rank up in Apex Legends varies depending on your performance in each match. However, winning 2-3 matches in a row can help you move from one division to another within your current rank.


    3. What are the ranks in Apex Legends? 


    The ranks in Apex Legends are Novice, Copper, Iron, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Grandmaster, and Apex Predator.


    4. How many games does it take to rank up in Apex Legends?


     The number of games needed to rank up in Apex Legends largely depends on your performance in each match. Winning at least 2-3 matches can help you move from one division to another.


    5. What is the average Apex Legends rank?


     The average Apex Legends rank is Gold.


    6. Is it hard to rank up in Apex Legends?


     Ranking up in Apex Legends can be challenging but achievable with the right strategies and consistent performance.


    7. How long does Apex Legends rank last?


     Your Apex Legends rank lasts for the duration of a season, which is typically about three months.


    8. How do I get better at Apex ranked?


     To improve at Apex ranked, focus on playing as part of a team, develop effective communication skills, adopt a strategic approach to gameplay, stay updated with the game’s meta, and maintain a positive attitude.

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