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Embarking on the Final Journey: How to Unlock Thaleia Alliance Raid in FFXIV

October 12, 2023

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    A venture into the realm of the gods, the Thaleia Alliance Raid is the ultimate challenge in the Endwalker Alliance Raid series, Myths of the Realm. Embark on this final journey, unravel the mysteries of the deities, and unlock the secrets of Thaleia in FFXIV.


    A Glimpse into the Thaleia Alliance Raid


    The Thaleia Alliance Raid, the grand finale in the Myths of the Realm series, offers a thrilling conclusion to the saga of the gods in FFXIV’s Endwalker expansion. Set to unravel with the game’s Patch 6.5, Thaleia is an exhilarating exploration into the divine realm, where the final showdown with the Twelve awaits the players.

    The Thaleia Alliance Raid unfolds the final chapters in the questline that the players embarked upon in December 2021 with the initial update of the Endwalker expansion. The journey that took the players to the lands of Mor Dhona and introduced them to the realm of gods through the Aglaia and Euphrosyne raids is now set to culminate with the Thaleia Alliance Raid.


    Thaleia's main path shown from above.


    Image via Square Enix


    Key Requirements to Unlock Thaleia Alliance Raid


    Before you embark on your journey to unlock Thaleia, you need to ensure that you meet certain prerequisites:


    1. Completion of Previous Raids: The Thaleia Alliance Raid unlock process begins only after you’ve successfully completed the two preceding raids in the Myths of the Realm series – Aglaia and Euphrosyne.
    2. Completion of Certain Quests: The quests following the Euphrosyne raid, culminating in “The Secret of the Twelve,” must be completed.
    3. Level Requirements: Your character must be at Level 90, and the average item level should be 625 or above.


    Embarking on the Quest to Unlock Thaleia Alliance Raid


    Once you’ve met the prerequisites, you can set forth on the quest to unlock the Thaleia Alliance Raid.


    The Beginning: Locating the Starting NPC


    The quest to unlock Thaleia Alliance Raid begins with the Fresh-faced Student in Old Sharlayan, found within the Baldesion Annex. The quest, named ‘A Mission in Mor Dhona,’ is set to take you through a series of adventures as you unlock the final duty.


    Alliance Raid Quest Unlock


    Screenshots: PC Invasion


    After accepting the mission, you’ll need to teleport to Revenant’s Toll. Follow the quest, find the Baby Opo-opo at the specified coordinates on the map, meet your NPC, and continue your journey through Aglaia and Eurphosyne.


    The Final Quests: Unlocking Thaleia


    The final set of quests that lead to the Thaleia Alliance Raid unlock begins with Deryk, the primary quest-giver for most of the Myths of the Realm series. He can be found at the same location on the Mor Dhona map as before, ready to set you on the quest titled ‘The Heart of the Myth.’


    Alliance Raid Quest Unlock Location Map


    Screenshot: PC Invasion

    This quest takes you inside the Omphalos, located nearby at specified coordinates. A unique dialogue with each god awaits you here, and it is highly recommended that you engage with these before progressing the quest. The opportunity to interact with the Twelve disappears once you advance the quest by speaking to Deryk.


    The Final Steps: Unlocking Thaleia


    Your journey to unlock the Thaleia Alliance raid in FFXIV requires a detour to Mare Lamentorum to speak with the Watcher. Upon returning to the Omphalos for a cutscene, speaking with G’raha Tia finally unlocks Thaleia.

    This marks the end of your journey to unlock the Thaleia Alliance Raid. Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster as you embark on this final adventure.


    Screenshot showing a team of Lalafell, Mi'qote and other characters.


    You’ll unveil the last secrets in that new quest. Image via Square Enix


    What Awaits You in the Thaleia Alliance Raid?


    The Thaleia Alliance Raid brings with it not just the thrill of the final showdown but also several rewards. On completion of Thaleia, you’ll receive a Thaleia Coin, which, along with other coins, can be traded for items to enhance Credendum Gear up to Item Level 660. You’ll also receive two Cracked Anthoclusters, which can be exchanged for Materia.




    The Thaleia Alliance Raid in FFXIV marks a thrilling conclusion to the Myths of the Realm series. While the journey to unlock Thaleia may be challenging, the rewards and the satisfaction of completing the final challenge in the Endwalker expansion make it all worthwhile. Remember to utilize Myths of the Realms Thaleia Boost Services at GladiatorBoost to complete the raid instantly.

    Embark on the quest to unlock the Thaleia Alliance Raid today, and experience the grandeur of the realm of the gods in all its glory.

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