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Unlocking Weapon Mastery Camos in Modern Warfare 3: An In-Depth Guide

November 16, 2023

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    CoD MW3 Boosting


    If you’re a die-hard fan of Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), you’re likely familiar with the thrill of unlocking weapon mastery camos. These coveted decorations are a testament to your gaming prowess, making your weapons stand out in the battlefield. This detailed guide will delve into how to unlock all weapon mastery camos in Modern Warfare 3, providing you with the knowledge you need to enhance your gaming experience.


    Mastery Camos: A Brief Overview


    CoD MW3 Mastery Camos


    Mastery camos in Call of Duty games have been around for quite some time, and they’ve made a triumphant return in MW3. These unique camos represent the pinnacle of achievement in the game, offering a visual reward for mastering each weapon.

    There are four mastery camos available in both MW3’s multiplayer and Zombies modes. Each camo requires you to complete a series of challenges with every weapon in the game, culminating in unlocking the ultimate camos: Interstellar (in multiplayer) and Borealis (in Zombies).


    The Evolution of Mastery Camos


    When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare first introduced the concept of mastery camos, it was a simpler system. There was one golden weapon per category, which players could unlock by completing all the other camos on the weapons in that category.

    However, the process of unlocking mastery camos has become much more involved in MW3. Now, you must complete a series of challenges with each weapon in the game, leading all the way to the final Interstellar and Borealis camos.

    Despite the increase in complexity, the golden camo from the early days of Call of Duty remains, now going by the moniker of “Gilded.”


    Understanding Base Camos


    Every weapon in MW3 has a set of base camos that are entirely unique to it. You can equip any camo you’ve unlocked to any gun, allowing you to personalize your weapons to suit your style.

    To unlock the mastery camos, you first need to complete all the base camo challenges for a particular weapon. These challenges vary depending on the weapon, but they typically involve getting a certain number of kills, headshots, or other specific actions with the weapon.


    Mastery Camos in Multiplayer Mode


    In MW3’s multiplayer mode, there are four mastery camos that you can unlock for every gun:


    Gilded: Complete all base camo challenges for a specific weapon, plus an additional challenge.

    Forged: Unlock Gilded on all weapons in a certain category, plus an extra challenge.

    Priceless: Unlock Forged on all base 36 MW3 weapons, plus another challenge.

    Interstellar: Unlock Priceless on all base 36 MW3 weapons.


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    Mastery Camos in Zombies Mode


    The mastery camos in MW3’s Zombies mode follow a similar progression as those in multiplayer, but with different names:


    Golden Enigma: Complete all base camo challenges for a specific weapon, plus an extra challenge.

    Zircon Scale: Unlock Golden Enigma on all weapons in a certain category, plus an additional challenge.

    Serpentine: Unlock Zircon Scale on all 36 MW3 weapons, plus another challenge.

    Borealis: Unlock Serpentine on all 36 MW3 weapons.


    Unlocking the Final Camos: Interstellar and Borealis


    To unlock the Interstellar or Borealis mastery camos, you need to fully max out every base weapon in MW3. This doesn’t include weapons carried over from Modern Warfare 2 or any additional weapons added in later seasons.

    To unlock these elusive camos, you’ll need to complete various challenges for each weapon, culminating in the final challenge: unlocking Priceless on all 36 MW3 weapons.


    Unlocking the prestigious Interstellar, Borealis, and Priceless camo in MW3 can be a grueling journey, but it doesn’t have to be. GladiatorBoost’s expert CoD MW3 Boosting service is here to help. We specialize in efficiently completing all necessary challenges for each weapon, ensuring you achieve these mastery camos without the exhaustive grind. Whether it’s achieving Priceless on all 36 MW3 weapons or unlocking the exclusive Interstellar and Borealis camos, our team is ready to elevate your gaming experience with skill and precision.


    Navigating the Camo Challenges


    Every weapon category in MW3 has its own unique set of base camo challenges. For instance, to unlock the base camos for assault rifles, you need to get a certain number of kills, ADS kills, headshot kills, and tactical stance kills.

    Other weapon categories have different requirements, but the general principle remains the same: to unlock the base camos, you need to use the weapon extensively and complete specific actions.


    Fast-Tracking Your Way to Interstellar


    Unlocking the Interstellar camo is no easy feat, but there are a few strategies you can use to expedite the process:


    Use your double weapon XP tokens wisely. These tokens only apply to the leveling process, not to challenges. Save them for when you switch to a new weapon to make the most of them.

    Adapt your playstyle to the challenge at hand. For example, if you need tactical stance kills, kit your gun out for close-quarters combat and put yourself in situations where you’ll be up close and personal with your enemies.

    If the map isn’t a good fit for the weapon you’re working on, search for a new match. There’s no point in trying to get shotgun kills on a map designed for long-range engagements.




    Unlocking all weapon mastery camos in MW3 is a challenging but rewarding journey. It requires dedication, skill, and a good understanding of the game’s mechanics. But with the right strategies and a bit of patience, you can deck out your weapons in the most prestigious camos the game has to offer. Happy gaming!

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