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MW3 Zombies Dark Aether Rifts Guide: Unravel the Mystery in the Undead Realms

December 11, 2023

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    Delve into the thrilling and mysterious world of MW3 Zombies Dark Aether Rifts with this comprehensive guide. As you traverse through this challenging game mode, equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and strategies to conquer the relentless undead waves and emerge victorious.




    Zombies Dark Aether Rifts Guide


    Enter the heart-pounding realm of MW3 Zombies Dark Aether Rifts where survival is an exciting journey through the unknown. This guide will illuminate your path, unlocking the secrets concealed within these enigmatic rifts.




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    What are Dark Aether Rifts in MW3 Zombies?


    Dark Aether Rifts in MW3 Zombies is a new game mode that provides an end-game challenge. In this mode, players must complete various tasks within a 30-minute window, all while staying alive.


    How to Unlock Dark Aether Rifts


    To unlock Dark Aether Rifts, players need to collect four Sigils that align with the four pedestals: Ice, Skull, Lightning, and Flame.


    NOTE: We recommend gathering ALL FOUR Sigils before placing any of them.


    Here’s the Sigils you need to collect to unlock Dark Aether Rifts:


    Locked Diary – Ice


    Pill Bottle – Skull


    Surveillance Camera – Lightning


    Dog Collar – Flame.


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    How to Obtain the Locked Diary


    The Locked Diary is one of the Sigils required to open Dark Aether Rifts. Here’s how you can secure this item:


    Begin the Act 4 Bad Signal mission.


    Equip yourself with necessary items for a challenging confrontation.


    Head to the Bad Signal Exfil and enter the Anomaly.


    Visit four unique locations to dismantle the Seals.


    Defeat the Aether Worm: Gorm’gant and claim the Locked Diary as your reward.


    The Locked Diary fits the Rift Pedestal with the Cryo Freeze Mark.


    How to Acquire the Pill Bottle


    To get the Pill Bottle in MW3 Zombies, follow these steps:


    Attach the Brain Rot Ammo Mod to your weapon.


    Find an Aether Nest and shoot a Cyst to transform it into a green hue.


    Interact with the green Cyst to acquire a Purple Pill Bottle.


    Use an Aether Tear to ascend to the skies and head towards the green rift.


    Upon arrival, accept a Purple Bounty Contract.


    Complete the contract’s requirements to claim the Pill Bottle.


    The Pill Bottle matches the Skull-marked pedestal.


    How to Secure the Surveillance Camera


    To secure the Surveillance Camera, one of the Sigils for Dark Aether Rifts, follow these instructions:


    Equip your weapon with the Dead Wire Ammo modification.


    Shoot a Harvester Orb to change its color.


    Retrieve the Purple Camera that drops from the altered Harvester Orb.


    Use an Aether Tear to ascend to the skies and approach the orange rift.


    Accept a Purple Bounty Contract at the warping destination.


    Complete the contract’s objectives to claim the Surveillance Camera.


    The Surveillance Camera fits the Lightning Bolt-marked pedestal.


    How to Retrieve the Dog Collar


    To retrieve the Dog Collar, follow these steps:


    Find a Dog House.


    Drop the Molotov Cocktail into the Dog House.


    Defeat the Hellhound to acquire the Purple Collar.


    Use an Aether Tear to ascend and head towards the red rift.


    Accept a Purple Bounty Contract at the warp destination.


    Complete the contract’s objectives to claim the Dog Collar.


    The Dog Collar fits the Flame Mark-adorned pedestal.


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    As you navigate the intricate landscapes of MW3 Zombies Dark Aether Rifts, you will unravel mysteries and face challenges that will lead you to exceptional rewards. Each step, from gathering Sigils to defeating formidable adversaries, is a triumph in this realm of chaos. May this guide be your compass, guiding you through the unknown and towards victory.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What are Dark Aether Rifts MW3 Zombies? Dark Aether Rifts are a new and challenging experience for MW3 Zombies fans. In this activity, you complete a series of difficult objectives while surviving for 30 minutes.


    How to unlock Dark Aether Rifts? Unlock Dark Aether Rifts by collecting four Sigils that belong to certain pedestals: Ice, Skull, Lightning, and Flame.

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