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The Ultimate Guide to the New Call of Duty Warzone Map

January 24, 2024

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    Welcome to the ultimate guide to the New Call of Duty Warzone map. This comprehensive walkthrough will give you an in-depth understanding of the latest map, Urzikstan, its POIs (Points of Interest), and unique features.


    An Introduction to Urzikstan


    Urzikstan is the newest addition to the Call of Duty Warzone map collection. It was rolled out on December 6, 2023, during the inaugural season of Modern Warfare 3. Set in Western Asia, this metropolis bordering the Black Sea is in chaos after liberation from a dictator’s rule. Now, two factions fortified by the remnants of the dictator’s army pose a threat to the region. Your mission? To halt their advances.


    A Glimpse at the Urzikstan Map


    Urzikstan is a complex map featuring 11 major POIs and an astounding 27 large-scale additional POIs. Each POI possesses distinctive characteristics that can be leveraged to gain a tactical edge. Two novel traversal methods, horizontal ziplines and a drivable train, also make their debut in Warzone with this map.


    Key Points of Interest in Urzikstan


    Each major POI in Urzikstan offers unique combat scenarios. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:



    Urzikstan Cargo: A maze of stacked containers creates an environment ripe for close quarters combat.
    Levin Resort: Multiple viewpoints offer strategic advantages from various angles.
    Popov Power: Industrial buildings and cooling towers make perfect ambush locations.
    Zaravan City: Skyscrapers interconnected by ziplines allow rapid, unexpected movements.
    Zaravan Suburbs: An alternative path to Zaravan City for those looking to avoid obvious chokepoints.
    Orlov Military Base: Barricades create areas suitable for defensive strategies.
    Seaport District: Large buildings offer vantage points, while the surrounding water provides stealthy transit options.
    Shahin Manor: A spacious manor building ideal for close quarters combat.
    Old Town: Ruined buildings provide ideal ambush spots and vantage points.
    Low Town: High traffic area with potential for multiple encounters.
    Hadiqa Farms: An open field with minimal cover, traverse with care.



    Additional Points of Interest


    Apart from the major POIs, there are 27 additional large-scale POIs, each offering more areas to explore and utilize in your quest for survival.


    Unique Features of the Urzikstan Map




    Ziplines, both horizontal and vertical, provide a rapid and convenient way to navigate the cityscape, particularly useful in Zaravan City.


    Drivable Train – The Mobile POI


    Enter the first-ever mobile POI in Warzone – the drivable train. This unique feature offers a new layer of strategy with its forward and backward controls, buy station, and UAV tower.


    Coyote Vehicle – A New Addition


    Meet the Coyote, an off-road vehicle equipped with a mounted machine gun. While its open-air design makes you susceptible to snipers, it’s perfect for traversing the desolate landscape with agility.


    Limited Time Maps in Warzone


    For the first 48 hours of Modern Warfare 3 Season 1, two popular maps, Ashika Island and Vondel, were temporarily added to Warzone in a mode called Urzikstan Resurgence.


    How to Prepare for Urzikstan


    To ready yourself for Urzikstan, consider exploring our guides on the best loadouts, Mastery Camos, and how to get and use Double XP Tokens.


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    Concluding Thoughts


    The introduction of the new Urzikstan map in Warzone offers a breath of fresh air to the gameplay with its unique features and points of interest. With this New Call of Duty Warzone map Guide, you’re now equipped to dive into the chaotic world of Urzikstan, outsmart the enemy, and emerge victorious.


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    Remember, in the world of gaming, knowledge is power. Happy gaming!

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