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Season of Discovery DPS Rankings: A Comprehensive Guide

December 04, 2023

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    In the ever-evolving universe of World of Warcraft (WoW), the  Season of Discovery introduces significant changes to the dynamic of DPS (Damage Per Second) gameplay. This guide aims to provide a holistic understanding of the Season of Discovery DPS Rankings, enabling players to maximize their gaming experience.




    Season of Discovery DPS Rankings


    The Season of Discovery brings a dynamic shift to the traditional DPS roles in WoW. Thanks to the introduction of Primal Rune Engraving, the flexibility of character builds and playstyles has significantly increased. This change presents opportunities for players to explore new ways of in-game combat, thereby transforming the DPS landscape in WoW.


    Season of Discovery DPS Tier List


    This tier list will be beneficial for both novice and seasoned players, aiding them in creating efficient builds and exciting combos across the best PvE classes. The current top-tier classes are Warriors, Hunters, Rogues, and Priests, but this can change with future content releases and phases.


    S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier
    Warlock Hunter Priest Shaman
    Mage Warrior Rogue Paladin

    Warlock Class: The Magic Ranged DPS


    Warlocks, proficient in magic damage, are a ranged DPS class. Their abilities can be enhanced with a variety of Runes, making them a powerful adversary.


    Warlock Runes


    Warlocks have a diverse set of Runes to choose from for their Chest, Hands, and Legs. Optimal Runes for this build include Rain of Fire, Chaos Bolt, and Incinerate.


    Warlock Talent Build


    The Destruction tree focuses on augmenting the Warlock’s spell damage and critical strike chance. Key talents include Cataclysm, Bane, Devastation, and Improved Firebolt.


    Mage Class: The Elemental Ranged DPS


    Mages, masters of magic damage, can be played in two primary ways: Frost Mage or Fire Mage. The choice significantly influences their Rune selections and Talent builds.


    Mage Runes


    Depending on their specialization, Mages should consider Fingers of Frost or Burnout for their Chest Rune. The optimal hand rune is Living Bomb.


    Mage Talent Build


    In the Fire tree, Mages should consider talents like Ignite, Improved Flamestrike, and Master of Elements. Regardless of the spec, Mages are known for their high damage output.


    Hunter Class: The Physical Ranged DPS


    Hunters are known for their expertise in archery and beast mastery. They use a variety of bows and crossbows to deal damage from a distance and can tame and control pets who assist them in battle.


    Hunter Runes


    Several choices of Runes are available to Hunters. For this build, the optimal choices include Expose Weakness, Explosive Shot, and Serpent Spread.


    Hunter Talent Build


    The talent build for this version focuses on Efficiency, Lethal Shots, Aimed Shot, and Improved Arcane Shot.


    Warrior Class: The Melee DPS


    Warriors, known for their high-damage melee attacks, can specialize in Dual Wield Arms or Fury specs. In the Season of Discovery, DPS Warriors are considered one of the best classes due to their high burst damage and survivability.


    Warrior Runes


    Depending on their chosen spec, Warriors can opt for Flagellation, Single-Minded Fury, and Consume by Rage.


    Warrior Talent Build


    In the Fury tree, key talents include Improved Rend, Improved Heroic Strike, Improved Charge, Tactical Mastery, Deep Wounds, and Impale.


    Druid Class: The Hybrid DPS


    Druids, masters of the natural world, can be played as a melee DPS (Feral) or a ranged DPS (Balance). They use a variety of spells and shapeshifting abilities to deal damage and heal their allies.


    Druid Runes


    The optimal Chest, Hands, and Legs Runes for Feral Druids include Wild Strikes, Mangle, and Savage Roar. For Balance Druids, Fury of Stormrage, Sunfire, and Starsurge are recommended.


    Druid Talent Build


    Feral Druids should consider talents such as Ferocity, Brutal Impact, Feral Instinct, Sharpen Claws, Feline Swiftness, and Blood Frenzy. Balance Druids should look into talents like Improved Wrath, Improved Moonfire, Nature’s Reach, and Improved Thorns.


    Priest Class: The Hybrid Healer/DPS


    Priests, masters of Holy Light, can be played as a ranged healer (Holy) or a ranged DPS (Shadow). They use a variety of spells to heal their allies and deal damage to their enemies.


    Priest Runes


    Priests have several Chest, Hands, and Legs Runes to choose from. For this build, the optimal Runes include Twisted Faith, Mind Sear, and Shared Pain.


    Priest Talent Build


    The talent build for this version focuses on Spirit Tap, Improved Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Focus, Improved Mind Blast, and Mind Flay.


    Rogue Class: The Melee DPS


    Rogues, masters of stealth and subterfuge, are a melee DPS class. They use a variety of poisons and weapons to deal damage from close range and are known for their ability to control enemies and evade attacks.


    Rogue Runes


    Rogues have several Chest, Hands, and Legs Runes to choose from. For this build, the optimal choices include Deadly Brew, Mutilate, and Envenom.


    Rogue Talent Build


    The talent build for this version focuses on Malice, Ruthlessness, Murder, Lethality, and Vile Poisons.


    Shaman Class: The Hybrid DPS


    Shamans, masters of the elements, can be played as a ranged DPS (Elemental) or a melee DPS (Enhancement). They use a variety of totems and spells to deal damage and support their allies.


    Shaman Runes


    Depending on their specialization, Shamans should consider Dual Wielding, Lava Lash, and Shamanistic Rage.


    Shaman Talent Build


    In the Enhancement tree, key talents include Ancestral Knowledge, Thundering Strikes, and Improved Lightning Shield.


    Paladin Class: The Hybrid Tank/DPS


    Paladins, masters of holy magic, can be played as a tank or a melee DPS. They use a variety of spells and abilities to deal damage, heal their allies, and protect their party from harm.


    Paladin Runes


    Paladins should consider Divine Storm, Crusader Strike, and Exorcist.


    Paladin Talent Build


    The Retribution Paladin build should focus on Improved Blessing of Might, Improved Judgement, Improved Seal of the Crusader, and Seal of Command.






    Season of Discovery brings new and dynamic changes to the DPS gameplay in WoW. Understanding the different classes and their optimal builds will allow players to maximize their gaming experience. For players looking to level up their game quickly, consider using the Season of Discovery Leveling service. For those aiming to conquer the Blackfathom Deeps raid, check out the Season of Discovery Blackfathom Deeps Boost. Happy gaming!

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